Where is Robin Healey Now?

Investigation Discovery’s ‘Evil Lives Here: You Have to Get Out’ chronicles the tale of Edward Bernard Pehowic, whose crimes can only be described as violently atrocious. After all, not only did he assault Patricia Landry in 1998, but he’d also drowned Carol Caswell just two years prior — a matter that had almost zero leads until the truth came to light. However, the one individual who was aware of Edward’s dark tendencies, even if she didn’t know its true extent, was his ex-wife, Robin Healey. So now, if you wish to learn more about her, we’ve got the details for you.

Who is Robin Healey?

Robin Healey had first met Edward Pehowic, or simply Eddie, while she was out dancing with a few friends when she was just 18-years-old. Despite their four, almost five-year age difference, along with the fact that he was going through a divorce, they felt a spark and quickly got into a romantic involvement. As per the ID episode, it seems like Robin knew about his drug use and alcohol addiction, but she stuck by him because she was under the impression that he was in recovery. All this is likely why she took him back even after he ghosted her for a while in April 1990.

Soon after Robin and Edward reconciled, she learned that she was pregnant with their first child, something she was genuinely thrilled about. Yet, instead of matching her excitement, her partner immediately asked her to get an abortion, driving her to consider her options and her Southern Baptist upbringing, only to decide that she’d raise the baby on her own. Since Edward didn’t like this choice, according to the episode, he allegedly ambushed her with a gun in hand one night and drove her into the woods claiming that he’ll take care of it on his own. Thankfully, they were interrupted by a patrolling officer.

As per Robin, Edward said that he only wanted to scare her into getting an abortion, not actually harm her, but even with that, she took him back because of societal pressure. The couple tied the knot after the birth of their child in 1991, and Robin never reported any of the purported abusive incidents that continued to happen as the years passed. They even welcomed another child, and that’s when Edward allegedly started to threaten their lives for leverage whenever he and Robin got into an argument or she brought up leaving him. Eventually, though, in the mid-1990s, she did succeed in escaping their union.

Where is Robin Healey Now?

Robin Healey believes that her ex-husband murdered Sheila Holmes (still unsolved) as a way to deal with his first divorce in 1990 and Carol Caswell as a way to deal with his second in 1996. While the former supposedly looked like his first wife, Robin has since conceded that she and the latter also bore many physical similarities. This theory has never been officially confirmed, yet Robin seems to have found her closure and is now moving on to the best of her abilities. The New Hampshire mother, paralegal, and health/beauty enthusiast can’t ever forget her past, but it appears as if she’s only focused on her future these days.

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