Where is Roland Welker Now?

History Channel’s ‘Alone‘ is a reality series wherein the contestants try to stay alive, on their own, in some of the most extreme and imperiled areas around the globe. By following the self-documented daily struggles of 10 self-proclaimed survivalists as they dwell in the wilderness for as long as possible using only a limited amount of resources, this series is as clever as it is terrifying. So now that it’s been a while since the installment came to an end, let’s look back and discern what the winner of season 7, Roland Welker, is up to today, shall we?

Roland Welker’s Alone Journey

At the age of 47, Roland Welker entered the shores of Great Slave Lake in the Northwest Territories of Canada as the oldest and probably toughest cast member of the chapter. After all, not only was he actively serving as a professional hunting guide, but having grown up around the mountains of Shiloh, Pennsylvania, he had learned how to hunt, trap, bushcraft, and stay alive in the harshest weather conditions from an early age. Then, he had made a home for himself in the village of Red Devil, Alaska, where he utilized his time as a gold miner and all-season trapper.

Roland’s background and lifestyle, coupled with his character, had turned him into a fan favorite from the first episode itself. Then, when it came to light that he’d unexpectedly lost his mother while preparing for the show, we couldn’t help but root for him further. The pain of not being able to be with her in those last moments or say goodbye had bothered Roland, but it also motivated him — embedding it in his head that he can’t let any of it go in vain. Not only did he want to add another achievement to his long list, but he also wanted to dedicate a win to his mother.

In the 100 days Roland Welker spent near the shores of Great Slave Lake, he proved how his years of leading a nomadic lifestyle had mentally and physically prepared him to beat all the odds. Experience, he implied time and time again, is the factor that can make all the difference in the world. The other aspect, Roland hinted, is never forgetting one’s roots. He didn’t exactly get lonely or homesick, but he regularly expressed how his heart lies with his parents. Towards the end, Roland even recalled and sang a hymn, owing to the memories of his mother.

Where is Roland Welker Now?

After being identified as the winner of ‘Alone’ season 7, Roland Welker not only earned the $1 million grand prize, but he also earned the titles of “The 100 Day King” and “The Last Bushman.” But instead of doing something over the top or dramatic once it was all over, he spent three successive weeks with his father back in Central Pennsylvania before slipping right back into his wandering lifestyle in Alaska. With his 28+ years of experience, Roland is a registered hunting guide, trapper, gold miner, hide tanner, pioneer, and frontiersman in the state. There is absolutely nothing and no one who can ever tear him away from it.

Now, though, in order to meet and interact with like-minded people in the same place, it seems like Roland aspires to organize a survivalist camping trip in Montana, Alaska, and maybe even Pennsylvania. Until then, his only advice to those who wish to follow in his footsteps is to stay educated on important survivalist matters and keep pursuing their passions. Roland, as The 100 Day King, has a website, a YouTube Channel, and he stays active on all social media platforms to keep his community alive and help others. Therefore, you can follow him on any app and learn even more about what he’s planning for his future on a day-to-day basis.

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