Where was HBO’s Run Filmed?

There comes a point in everyone’s life when they feel like running away. When life becomes so mundane and directionless that there is no other option but to run. However, only a few of us ever succeed in breaking out of this shell. The reason behind it is simple: we don’t have anyone to run away with. Where would we go and with whom? These questions plague us, and we remain stuck.

When Billy and Ruby were young and in love, they anticipated such an occasion in their lives. How would they get out of such a situation? Not alone. They made a pact that whenever they wanted to break out of this dreariness, they would let each other know. If one of them texted “RUN” and the other replied with “RUN”, then both of them would leave everything behind, whatever they would be up to at that moment, and run for the Grand Central Station. From there, they would travel together.

‘Run’ is founded on a very romantic idea, and traveling makes it even better. After watching the show, if you too feel like running away on a whim like that, then you should know the path Billy and Ruby actually took. Here are the filming locations of ‘Run’.

Where is Run Filmed?

The idea of two people running away with each other sounds intriguing, but where would they run off to? Billy and Ruby’s pact leads them on a journey of the lifetime. As they travel to various places in America, the audience, too, takes this journey with them. The sites they visit not only allow them to complete their journey one step at a time but also adds to their individual arcs, deciding where they end up by the time they have to bid farewell to each other. To film these scenes, the crew of the TV show employed various locations in Canada as well as the USA.

Toronto, Canada

Though the pact requires Ruby and Billy to gallivant through America, the show took to Canada to shoot a lot of scenes. Toronto and its surrounding areas were used in filming several scenes. The crew was spotted in Caledon for a while, filming on The Grange Sideroad. One scene in the pilot was filmed at Toronto Pearson International Airport.

While the couple does go sightseeing, most of their journey takes place inside the train. This setting also adds to the tension that increases with every episode. The confines of a train bring the characters in a tight bind, and they have no place to run. To do these scenes, a set was built to make it look like an Amtrak train. And exciting as it may sound, the experience does not go so well with everyone.

Domhnall Gleeson, who plays the role of Billy in the show, found it a trying experience. “Shooting on the train was great, but very difficult. It was in a studio, and there were screens outside that were hooked up to a camera which had a sensor on it that told them which direction it was looking, so the perspective of the image outside the windows would change depending on where the camera was, but that’s different than where your eye is. It messes with your balance, with your sense of not throwing up your lunch. That sucked; that was not good,” he said.

Chicago, Illinois

The pact takes Ruby and Billy to a lot of places. Some of their destinations might feel familiar to Chicagoans. The crew was spotted filming all over the city. They shot some scenes at the Union Station. The river between Michigan Avenue and Wolf Point also features in some parts of the show.

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