Where is Seana Collins From ‘My 600-lb Life’ Now?

My 600-lb Life is known for introducing us to incredible stories of people suffering from weight issues. Recently, we followed the transformative journeys of overweight siblings Carlton and Shantel. And then, we get to meet Seana Collins. So who is she and why is she in My 600-Life? Well, let’s try to find more about her backstory.

Who is Seana Collins & What’s Her Story?

Seana Collins is a young woman, who is just 23 years old and tips the scales at around 700 lbs when we first see her in My 600-lb Life. As it is the case with most obese victims, she resorted to shoving herself with unimaginable portions of junk while she was still a kid — in order to escape from emotional turmoil. The habit did not change even during her growing-up years and as a result, her body weight kept on multiplying, and now she has reached her breaking point.

Currently, Seana lives with her mother and is forever anxious, not to mention, depressed. With her massive weight posing fatal risks to her health, she resolves to visit Dr. Now as her last resort.

What Happens When Seana Meets Dr. Now?

By now, we are familiar with the routine given to patients after they visit Dr. Now. He puts them on a strict diet so that they can reach the target weight to qualify for the weight-loss surgery. And this diet requires those suffering from obesity to consume only up to 1,200 calories a day. In the prescribed meals, there are no carbohydrates, soda, refined sugars, bread, or fried food. And we already know that most people featured in the show are used to these types of calorie-packed items. Hence, sticking to this strict regime is extremely difficult for many and we have seen instances when the reality stars decide to opt-out.

In the case of Seana, she travels down to Houston, Texas, and meets Dr. Younan Nowzaradan for the first time. She explains her expectations from the visit while saying in the episode: “I’m hoping if I can lose like Dr. Now tells me to lose and I can move down to Texas, that he’ll tell me I can do his program.” In her journey, Seana’s mom offers constant support and care and even travels with her daughter to Houston. Of course, Seana is nervous and a bit skeptical about this whole trial.

However, in one instance, she ends up losing all the papers Dr. Now gives her. The prescriptions contain all her exercises and food lists. And she is scared that Dr. Now will not agree to go ahead with the program when he learns about her carelessness. She says: “My life literally rests in this man’s hands, I don’t want to call Dr. Now. I just don’t want him to be upset, I just want to do the diet like I am now…but it’s not easy.”

Well, Seana’s story has just started, and her chance at success or failure completely depends on her willpower and consistency.  Check out to this special preview clip from episode 9 below: