Where is Shannon From My 600-lb Life Now?

TLC’s ‘My 600-lb Life’ is a series that follows the journey of morbidly obese individuals who are trying to turn over a new leaf and shed some weight in the hopes of creating a future for themselves. As we see them undergo a thorough weight-loss program so as to get approval for the risky gastric bypass surgery, we get an in-depth look into their lives and problems. So it is no surprise that we wonder about their progress and whereabouts even after a while. Thus, with no further ado, let’s find out how season 9’s Shannon is faring today, shall we?

Shannon Lowery: My 600-lb Life Journey

The episode titled ‘Shannon’s Story’ is outlined by TLC as: “Shannon’s husband loves her the way she is, but that may not help because she’s 700 pounds and bedridden. Dr. Now knows it’s not easy to break a toxic cycle of overfeeding and enabling, but that’s what needs to happen if Shannon wants to live past 40.” As a 39-year-old Tucson, Arizona resident, Shannon Lowery began her episode by detailing how her day-to-day life is a struggle because of her size. She’s mobile, but only enough to get clean, go to the bathroom, and eat.

Like most individuals with a food addiction, Shannon began eating to deal with her trauma. Her birth mother abandoned her as a newborn child, and when her father remarried, she got very attached to her stepmother. So, when they divorced, she was left devastated. As a single, working parent, her father, Dale, couldn’t do much for a while. This led Shannon to hang out at his workplace a lot, a fast-food restaurant where her love for food originated. And by eating away her emotions, by the time Shannon was 7, she tipped the scales at over 100 lbs.

Unfortunately, because Shannon kept on packing weight, Dale couldn’t continue taking care of her. He had to ship her off to relatives, where she lived for a year and a half before her mother made a reappearance in her life. As time passed, with Shannon’s mother blaming her for being short on cash and the food scarcity in the house, things got worse for the Arizona native. Eventually, after Shannon’s mother legally declared that she wanted nothing to do with her anymore, and many unstable moves later, Shannon attempted suicide. This eventually led to the start of her having to have a caretaker at all times.

Although Shannon’s father and neighbors did provide the 39-year-old with a sound support system, checking up on her whenever possible, it was her husband, Simon, who was, and still seems to be, her primary caretaker. But because of his deep-rooted love for her, he did tend to act as an enabler at times. Thankfully, Shannon realized that she wouldn’t have a life or a future with the husband she thinks of as her whole world if she didn’t stop eating and make some profound lifestyle changes. Thus, she contacted Dr. Now in Houston, Texas, and began her tumultuous year-long weight-loss journey.

Where is Shannon Lowery Now?

When Shannon Lowery met Dr. Now face to face for the first time two months into the program, she weighed in at 739 lbs, resulting in her immediate hospitalization to address the issues that threatened her life. But after she was discharged and left to her own devices once again, it seemed like she gained even more weight (especially during the coronavirus lockdown). After all, at her follow-up, she couldn’t even fit the scales. Fortunately, though, Shannon soon re-dedicated herself to her shedding weight – hiring a personal trainer at a local gym and sticking to her low-calorie diet.

When we last saw Shannon, she weighed 698 lbs and was given the goal to lose 150 lbs in two months. But Dr. Now also made it clear that if she didn’t move to Texas by the end of that, she would need to add another 30 lbs per month to her given goal. After all, being closer to his medical assistance, especially around the time of her surgery, if she managed to shed weight and get approval for it, is something he deemed necessary. “From here on out, I’ve made a choice to get healthy and to do things to be healthy mentally and physically,” Shannon said at the end of her episode. “And I’m going to keep pursuing that as my new way of life.”

From what we can tell, although Shannon Lowery Johnson hasn’t been able to make the move to Houston, Texas, due to financial reasons, she has continued with her weight-loss journey – as made evident by the photos she shares on Facebook of her healthier meals and workouts. Furthermore, even her recent selfies show a slight difference in her appearance, making us all very hopeful for her future. And considering her Facebook name, we think it’s safe to assume that her relationship with Simon is going strong as well. Seeing all the hard work Shannon is putting in to lose weight, we genuinely want her to succeed and undergo surgery soon.

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