Where is Sharon Marshall’s Daughter Megan Dufresne Now?

Netflix’s ‘Girl in the Picture’ is a documentary about a girl whose real identity remained a secret even decades after her death. She was first identified as Tonya Hughes in 1990 when she died following an alleged hit and run. Further investigation of her past revealed that she’d also been known by the name Sharon Marshall in some other state.

Her case became more complicated when the nature of her relationship with her husband, Clarence Hughes aka Franklin Floyd, was revealed, who abducted their son Michael (as claimed by him) four years later. The search for the child unraveled a lot of secrets about Sharon and Franklin, exposing the abuse she suffered at the hand of the man who’d previously posed as her father. After a tumultuous and difficult investigation, more information came out about Sharon’s real family. The documentary reveals that after Michael, she also had a daughter. Who’s Sharon Marshall’s daughter and where is she now? Here’s what we know.

Who is Megan Dufresne?

Megan Dufresne is the third child of Suzanne Sevakis, also known as Sharon Marshall and Tonya Hughes. Megan was born in 1989 and was put up for adoption. At that time, Suzanne had been on the move with Warren Marshall, also known as Franklin Floyd, her kidnapper and abuser. By this time, Suzanne had already put up her first child for adoption and had Michael with her. She and Floyd approached the attorney’s office to put up her third child for adoption about six weeks before she was born. They’d given the argument that they were not financially capable of raising another child.

Megan was adopted by Mary and Dean Dufresne. When she met Suzanne and Floyd, Mary thought something was awry about the couple, but she had no doubts about adopting the child. The adoption allowed Megan to be brought up in a loving and safe environment, instead of growing up under the abusive control of Floyd. She was told that her mother had died in a car accident, but it wasn’t until Matt Birkbeck’s book, ‘A Beautiful Child’, came out in 2004 that she learned more details about her birth mother.

Where is Megan Dufresne Now?

Megan Dufresne lives in Ponchatoula, Louisiana. In 2017, she, along with Matt Birkbeck, and several other people who have a connection with Suzanne, got together. They changed the headstone of her grave, which now has her real name, Suzanne Marie Sevakis on it. She was asked for her input to write something on the headstone, which now reads “devoted mother and friend”, remembering Suzanne’s difficult life and her strength through it all.

According to her LinkedIn, Megan works as a Research Coordinator at Covington Ortho and Sports Med Clinic. Graduated from Southeastern Louisiana University, she is into health and wellness and mindfulness. While she has been flourishing professionally, her personal life also seems to be fulfilling. She married Jacob Dufreche in 2021. They have two children, one of whom is named Michael in honor of Megan’s brother.

The headstone changing ceremony of her mother allowed her to meet the people who’d been touched by her as well as Michael. She got the chance to connect with her biological grandfather, Clifford Sevakis, who’s happy to have the chance to form a good relationship with her, something that he didn’t get with his own daughter.

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