Where Is Snowflake Mountain’s Solomon Now?

A snowflake is generally a young adult who is spoilt and easily offended by things. Netflix takes this into consideration as the survival reality show ‘Snowflake Mountain’ revolves around a group of wealthy young adults whose families are tired of their “hopelessly entitled” nature. Thus, as a last resort, the family members contact survivalists Matt Tate and Joel Graves, who trick the participants into believing they are about to stay at a 5-star resort where they’ll star in a reality show. But in actuality, the group is taken deep into the wilderness, where they have to camp outside and survive on basic necessities.

Ultimately, the person who develops the most gets the chance to win a cash prize amounting to $50,000. Season 1 of ‘Snowflake Mountain’ introduced Solomon, a self-proclaimed king who claims he is better than most and that none will be able to stand up to him. Throughout the inaugural season, Solomon came across as someone unwilling to change or adapt to challenges, and even his fellow contestants took note of the negativity. However, with the cameras now turned away, fans of the show must be interested in finding out where Solomon is at present. Let’s find out, shall we?

Who Is Solomon?

While on the show, Solomon claimed to be a “king” in his own right and insisted it would be impossible for anyone else to walk in his shoes. Although he initially came across as someone who has a high and mighty attitude, Solomon soon gelled well with the rest of the cast and was surprisingly friendly. Moreover, the young man was intent on documenting most of their journey into the wilderness and seemed quite active on social media. Coming to his professional life, Solomon mentioned that he is unemployed or “funemployed,” as he preferred to put it.

According to the show, Solomon’s mother pays his rent, and the young man chooses to order take-out and throw away the dishes instead of cooking and cleaning. Besides, his weekly expenses average around $500. In short, the Los Angeles native has always lived a life of luxury and comfort. However, ‘Snowflake Mountain’ threatened to take all the comfort away, and Solomon initially felt like quitting and returning home.

Although Solomon eventually decided to stay and stick it out, it was challenging for him to develop team spirit or unity. In fact, in one instance, he presented the idea of stealing and hiding food from a stash but defended himself fiercely after getting caught. Besides, even as the other contestants appeared to warm up to mother nature and the survival experts, Solomon preferred to remain by himself and did not make a lot of friends.

Unfortunately, Matt and Joel were not happy with Solomon’s progress and made him undertake the Last Chance Lake Challenge, where he was forced to spend a whole night in a small tent under the stars. Although Solomon passed the challenge easily, he fell back into his old ways and didn’t seem to care for anyone other than himself. Interestingly, he did show a bit of interest in Devon Smith, but she distanced herself after the food-stealing incident came to light. Ultimately, unable to take it anymore, Solomon left the group on his own and decided to travel back home.

Where Is Solomon Now?

Solomon currently appears to reside in Los Angeles, California, where he leads a life wrapped up in extravagance. However, he is pretty religious and often posts clips about his thoughts and beliefs on social media. Moreover, the young man seems to have turned over a new chapter in his life after his ‘Snowflake Mountain’ experience. At present, Solomon involves himself in faith-based mentoring and coaching. Although the lack of a romantic partner is quite apparent in his social media posts, it is refreshing to witness Solomon leading a happy life, and we wish him the best for the future.

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