Where is Tammy Patton From My 600-lb Life Now?

‘My 600-lb Life’ is an original TLC series that features inspirational stories about extremely obese individuals who take up the challenge to lead a better and healthier life. In this reformation journey, they are helped by Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, also known as Dr. Now, who helps them set achievable goals to get their weight down for the high-risk bariatric surgery. The program is tailor-made for each unique person, but success is ultimately up to the resilience and will of the person. Tammy Patton has one such inspirational story that we got to witness on the twelfth episode of season 9.

Tammy Patton: My 600-lb Life Journey

When Tammy Patton was just 9, her family suffered financial turmoil because of her father’s drug addiction. Owing to this, Tammy’s mother, Pauline, along with Tammy and her brother, moved to Texas to get a fresh start. It was then that Tammy turned to food to cope with her loneliness as she had to leave her friend and the rest of her family back in California.

At age 10, Tammy weighed around 150 pounds. Her mother admitted that she was responsible for Tammy’s obesity, and she never put her in check or forced a diet plan on her. Tammy continued gaining weight and was over 300 pounds by the time she graduated from high school. She then moved away from her Texas home to pursue higher education but returned home after being unable to handle the homesickness and the pressure.

Tammy was delighted after she met her boyfriend, Victor Greer, at 19 years of age. During their time together, the couple had three daughters. Unfortunately, it didn’t last, and the couple broke up even though Victor kept in touch with his daughters. In a tragic incident, Victor was stabbed to death by his then-girlfriend, who suspected he would return to Tammy. Victor’s death hit Tammy hard, and she fell back on her food addiction. By age 30, she was over 500 pounds, and at the time of the episode, tammy weighed 594 pounds at just 41 years of age.

Tammy has often mentioned that even though she had to ask her family for help after her body restricted her mobility, her grandchildren ultimately made her realize that she needed to lose weight. Tammy wanted to be a loving grandmother to her grandchildren but noticed that her weight kept her from attending to them. Thus, Tammy began her long and rough journey with Dr. Now, which saw her lose a staggering 126 pounds in the end.

Where Is Tammy Patton Today?

The biggest win for Tammy Patton is her victory over food-addiction. She managed to follow Dr. Now’s orders and get her food habits in check. Even though Tammy struggled in the first few months of the program, she managed to lose quite a bit of weight before the Covid-19 pandemic hit. This pandemic was a massive obstacle for Tammy as after being restricted to her house, she started slacking off on her exercise and dieting. For the next seven months, Tammy essentially did not lose any weight, which hampered her chances at surgery.

Yet, sheer will and resilience triumphed as Tammy, determined to reach the approved surgery weight, lost 98 pounds after just 14 months of being in the program. By the end of her episode, Tammy had shed a massive 126 pounds of weight. She was also approved by Dr. Now for weight loss surgery. At the end of the episode, Tammy signed off by saying that she was extremely excited to be working towards her goal and will be putting in maximum effort.

Presently, Tammy seems like she is doing well after her ‘My 600-lb Life’ episode as she is enjoying life with her grandchildren and regularly posts about them on Facebook. Tammy also recently crossed the milestone of walking two laps, something she said she hasn’t done in years. Tammy’s story inspires us, and we hope she keeps crossing milestones in her journey to gain back her control and healthy life.

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