The Bachelor 2023: Where Was the Dating Show Filmed?

Image Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC

Created by Mike Fleiss, ABC’s ‘The Bachelor’ is a long-running dating reality series that follows a single bachelor who dives into a pool of romantic prospects in the hope of finding the one and tying the knot. The 27th edition of the series focuses on 26-year-old Zach Shallcross, who you may remember from season 19 of ‘The Bachelorette.’

Following similar patterns of the previous seasons, ‘The Bachelor’ 2023 also follows the star of the season as he goes out with different women to various romantic and exotic sites across the world. Each week, Zach eliminates candidates which ultimately narrows down his choices and helps him pick the most compatible partner. So, given the multitude of locations, it is natural for you to be curious to learn about all the filming locations of ‘The Bachelor’ season 27.

The Bachelor Season 27 Filming Locations

‘The Bachelor’ 2023 was filmed in California, New York, Estonia, The Bahamas, England, Hungary, and Thailand, specifically in Los Angeles County, Orange County, New York City, Tallinn, London, Budapest, and Krabi. As per reports, the principal photography for the 27th season of the dating show commenced in late September 2022 and wrapped up in November of the same year. So, without further ado, let’s follow Zach as he tries to find his future wife, and get a detailed account of all the specific sites that feature in the ABC series!

Los Angeles County, California

Just like the previous seasons, Los Angeles County, the most populous county of California, again served as the primary production location for the series. The production team utilized the Bachelor Mansion aka Villa de La Vina at 2351 Kanan Road in Agoura Hills to lens some key scenes. Moreover, a few sequences were recorded in and around Big Daddy’s Antiques at 3334 La Cienega Plaza in Los Angeles as well.

Other Locations in the US

Besides LA County, the filming unit utilized the locales of various other sites in the USA to shoot ‘The Bachelor’ season 27. Several scenes were reportedly taped in Orange County, including Anaheim Hills Golf Course at 6501 Nohl Ranch Road in Anaheim and Orange County Mining Co. at 10000 South Crawford Canyon Road in Santa Ana. In early November 2022, Zach and the rest of the crew members were spotted recording some scenes in New York City, seemingly in and around Sarge’s Delicatessen & Diner at 548 3rd Avenue and Washington Square Park in Washington Square.

Tallinn, Estonia

In October 2022, the production team traveled to Tallinn, the capital and most populous city of Estonia, mostly to shoot scenes involving Zach and Charity Lawson. Located on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland, Tallinn is known to be the main cultural, financial, and industrial center of the nation. It is home to numerous museums and galleries, including the Estonian History Museum, the Estonian Maritime Museum, the Estonian Museum of Natural History, and the Estonian Health Care Museum.

The Bahamas

The scenic sites of The Bahamas were also featured in ‘The Bachelor’ 2023, especially the beach scenes, as Zach went on dates in the island country. A part of the Lucayan Archipelago of the West Indies, The Bahamas is one of the richest countries in the Americas, as far as GDP per capita is concerned. Tourism, banking, agriculture, and manufacturing are some of the most important economic sectors of the island country.

London, England

Additional portions for ‘The Bachelor’ season 27 were also lensed in London, the capital and largest city of England and the United Kingdom. You can spot the iconic Tower Bridge in the backdrop of a few key scenes. Standing on the River Thames, London influences many industries, such as arts, education, fashion, entertainment, healthcare, media, tourism, and so on, making it one of the major global cities of the world.

Budapest, Hungary

A few of Zach’s dates with Kaitlyn Biggar took place in Budapest, which is the capital and most populous city of Hungary, especially around Fisherman’s Bastion situated near the Buda Castle. You might be able to spot some popular monuments of classical architecture in the backdrop of some scenes of the 27th season of ‘The Bachelor.’ Budapest consists of several interesting tourist spots, including the Nagytétény Castle Museum, the National Széchenyi Library, Heroe’s Square, and Vajdahunyad Castle, to name a few.

Krabi, Thailand

In order to wrap up the production for the 27th installment of ‘The Bachelor,’ the cast and crew members traveled to Krabi, the main town in the eponymous province of Thailand. Since it comprises more than 80 smaller islands that offer various activities, the province is very popular among adventurers, scuba divers, day-trippers, and other kinds of tourists.

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