Where is The Chair Filmed?

Netflix’s ‘The Chair’ is a comedy-drama series that follows the newly assigned head (or, the “Chair”) of the English department of a prestigious university and the bumpy journey she embarks on to fulfill all the lofty expectations that come with it. Being the first woman to chair the department and one of the few staff members of color brings its own host of challenges to Dr. Ji-Yoon Kim’s doorstep.

As expected, the show takes us deep into the workings of Pembroke University, and the eccentricities of the old institution are laid bare for audiences to mull and chuckle over. Curious about where the show makers bring the collegiate world of the show to life? We have got your back. Here is where ‘The Chair’ is filmed!

The Chair Filming Locations

‘The Chair’ is filmed predominantly on location in Pennsylvania, where a college campus and various neighborhoods are used as stand-ins for the fictional town the show is set in. Season 1 of the show was seemingly filmed in early 2021, with on-location shooting continuing through March of the same year. Let’s take a closer look at the specific locations where the show is shot!

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

A major portion of ‘The Chair’ is set in the fictional town of Pembroke, especially in Pembroke University, where Dr. Ji-Yoon Kim serves as the new chair of the English department. However, filming for the show actually takes place in Pittsburgh, in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, where a few different streets and neighborhoods are used as stand-ins for the quaint university town that the characters inhabit.

Several scenes were reportedly shot in the Shadyside neighborhood in the East End of Pittsburgh. Located at Woodland Road, Chatham University’s Shadyside Campus serves as a major filming site for the scenes set at the fictional University of Pembroke.

The borough of Sewickley in Allegheny County, a suburb of Pittsburgh, is used extensively for on-location filming of residential areas. Beaver Street and Broad Street are used for filming outdoor scenes. The nearby Wolcott Park, located at 488-498 Broad Street, is also reportedly used for filming. A few scenes of season 1 were also briefly filmed at the Pittsburgh International Airport, which is located at 1000 Airport Boulevard.

Washington, Pennsylvania

The show’s exceedingly authentic portrayal of the old and prestigious Pembroke University comes courtesy of the campus of Washington & Jefferson College, which is located in the town of Washington, in Washington County, Pennsylvania. Outdoor and indoor filming occurs at the liberal arts college, located at 60 South Lincoln Street, about 30 minutes away from Pittsburgh.

According to the production team’s location manager, Eric DiLucente, western Pennsylvania and its host of picturesque college campuses make the area perfect for filming the show, which is largely focused on the fictional Pembroke University’s English department.

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