Where Is The Good Fight Filmed?

The Good Fight‘ is a Chicago-set legal drama whose topical nature might make one believe that its title refers to a conflict against Trump. A spin-off of the hugely popular series, ‘The Good Wife,’ ‘The Good Fight’ packs its own punch with a wider narrative scope and temporally attuned sensibilities.

The CBS series follows Diane Lockhart, a beloved character from its predecessor after she loses her savings and employment due to a financial scam. Forced to turn over a new leaf, Lockhart joins a prestigious law firm in Chicago with an Africa-American majority. In this manner, ‘The Good Fight’ directly addresses the changed political atmosphere after Trump’s election victory. However, ‘The Good Fight’ is more nuanced than run-off-the-mill criticism. In one of the episodes, for instance, the legal drama speculates an alternate reality wherein Hilary Clinton wins the 2016 election.

The Good Fight Filming Locations

‘The Good Fight’ is a legal drama that sees the character of Diane Lockhart from ‘The Good Wife’ joining a prestigious law firm in Chicago. It is almost entirely set in Chicago, in bustling law offices and heated courtrooms. By doing so, the show ends up providing a decent portrayal of Chicago’s legal industry. Hence, it is natural for viewers to wonder whether ‘The Good Fight’ is actually filmed in Chicago.

Brooklyn, New York

It might come off a surprise to many but ‘The Good Fight’ is not actually filmed in Chicago, even though the show is set there. Like its predecessor, ‘The Good Fight’ is largely filmed in New York. According to IMDb, the show has been filmed in Brooklyn.

To be more specific, filming for ‘The Good Fight’ takes place in the Greenpoint neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York, according to Hollywood Reporter. Filming takes place at Broadway stages, similar to how ‘The Good Wife’ was filmed. There are multiple Broadway stages in the Greenpoint neighborhood. Hence, it is difficult to guess which one is made use of by the show.

Have a look at the following Instagram post which depicts how filming on a soundstage is carried out for the show. As you can see, there is a giant poster of the Chicago skyline outside the room on the set. This is how productions like ‘The Good Fight’ pass off a soundstage in one location as another place.


Apart from that, the series is also filmed outdoors in New York City. For instance, filming was carried out on 6th and 7th Avenue and on 48th and 49th Street, according to local sources. Furthermore, a few scenes were also filmed at LIC Bar on 45-48 Vernon Boulevard in Long Island. Have a look at the following post which confirms that:


Similarly, another Twitter post (attached below) shows a public notice that proves that filming for ‘The Good Fight’ was also undertaken in Williamsburg, between Bedford Avenue and Driggs Avenue. Moreover, filming was also carried out on 21st Street and 44th Avenue, according to yet another Twitter post.


Additionally, filming also took place at Mar’s restaurant in Astoria. Have a look:

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