Where is The Hype Season 1 Winner Justin Mensinger Now?

Image Credit: Tobin Yelland/HBO Max

Created by Rachelle Mendez, David Collins, Rob Eric, and Michael Williams, HBO Max’s ‘The Hype’ is a fashion reality series that provides a golden opportunity to aspiring designers. Instead of focusing on one style, the participants must survive in the hybrid world of streetwear, business, and cultural fashion to maintain their standing. However, only the designer who can keep their authentic self intact and stay true to the conditions of various challenges gets to take home the winner’s title and $150,000.

Thanks to the show, many hopeful fashion designers have showcased their inner vision to the world and utilized their entrepreneurial spirit. The second season has introduced 12 new faces, and many fans now wonder about the names from the previous installment. Viewers are especially curious to know more about Justin Mensinger, the streetwear winner of season 1. If you also want a refresher of his time on the show and are curious about his current whereabouts, we have your back!

Justin Mensinger’s The Hype Journey

Season 1 of ‘The Hype’ saw many talented fashion artists who specialized in one of the three branches of apparel design that the show focuses on. One of them was Justin Mensinger from Chicago, Illinois, ready to wow the world with his vision for streetwear. As a firm believer in upcycling and sustainable clothing, his signature style of patchwork clothes immediately captured the viewers’ attention. Moreover, Justin’s emphasis on mental health and suicide awareness through his work made him a fan favorite.

Image Credit: Tobin Yelland/HBO Max

One of the first major wins for Justin on the HBO Max show was during the episode where Bobby Hundreds made an appearance as a guest mentor/judge. While fairly impressed by the work of others, the latter was blown away by the designer’s creation. Using a cherished woven blanket from his childhood, Justin made a beautiful hoodie that prompted Booby to offer him an on-the-spot collaboration with his streetwear company, The Hundreds.

As the season neared its end, Justin was one of the final two contenders, with a chance to become the winner. His competition with Kai Nguyen for the grand prize was as fierce as visually appealing. Ultimately, Justin was chosen as the winner and got to take home $150,000, along with a co-sign from judges Bephie Birkett, Marni Senofonte, and Offset. We are sure you are curious about what the Chicago native has been up to since then, and we have just the answers you need!

Where is Justin Mensinger Now?

Justin Mensinger is currently thriving as a professional fashion designer. He moved to Los Angeles, California, in early 2021 and is quite happy with his new residence. During his stay in Chicago, Justin had to order a majority of things he needed for his work, but moving to Los Angeles seems to have solved the issue for him, as most of the things he needs are readily available now.

Since his time on ‘The Hype,’ Justin has partnered with multiple reputed brands. In December 2021, Reebok announced a collaboration with the designer to launch their ‘Pieces of Us’ collection. The unique clothes bear Justin’s signature style and spread the message of the importance of mental health. Furthermore, his partnership with The Hundreds seems to be going smoothly.

Justin recently released his “Spiritual Disillusion” line, with each piece sourced and constructed in Los Angeles. Those interested can buy the clothes on the designer’s official website. In addition, he has an upcoming partnership with Fiskar and is working on some of his own projects alongside. In October 2022, Justin is scheduled to have his first-ever pop-up in Los Angeles. We wish the talented designer the best in his life and hope he has a wonderful future.

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