Where is The Perfect Mother Filmed?

Based on the eponymous novel by Nina Darnton, ‘The Perfect Mother’ or ‘Une mère parfaite’ is a thriller series that revolves around the Berg family. Anya Berg, a student in Paris, is accused of killing a well-connected man named Damien Carnau. However, her mother, Hélène, refuses to believe her daughter could have murdered someone in cold blood. As she tries to uncover the truth behind Damien’s death, the revelations make her question her definition of a victim.

The show is a thrill to watch and keeps you at the edge of your seat. Talented actors like Julie Gayet, Tomer Sisley, Andreas Pietschmann, Eden Ducourant, and Cyril Gueï make sure to bring the character to life. Another point in favor of the European show is its visual appeal. Thanks to its authentic and appropriate backdrops, ‘The Perfect Mother’ provides the audience with the perfect atmosphere for every scene. Naturally, many are curious to know where the filming of the series takes place. Well, here’s what we know about the same.

The Perfect Mother Filming Locations

‘The Perfect Mother’ is filmed in France and Germany, particularly in Paris and Berlin. Principal photography for season 1 of the show commenced in Berlin on September 16, 2020, and lasted for a few days until September 18. The following day, the production moved to Paris to capture the rest of the season. The filming for the inaugural season ended on November 30 of the same year. Let’s take a closer look at the shooting sites!

Paris, France

The beautiful French capital of Paris serves as a filming location for ‘The Perfect Mother.’ One of the places within Paris where the series is lensed is the Grand Palais or Grand Palais des Champs-Élysées. Located at 3 Avenue du Général Eisenhower, the museum complex is a historic site that provides beautiful external and internal locations for filming locations. However, it was temporarily closed in September 2021 for renovations purposes until 2024.

The streets of Paris are also used to capture several scenes for the thriller series. Given the beautiful landscape of Paris and the historical landmarks, it is understandable why the capital city is beloved by filmmakers. Over the years, the city has served as a filming site for several shows, like ‘Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan‘ and ‘Killing Eve.’

Berlin, Germany

Some portions of ‘The Perfect Mother’ are also filmed in Berlin. Given that the Berg family primarily lives in Germany, it stands to reason that some scenes for the series are lensed in the German capital. The production team captures several scenes on the Berlin streets to provide authentic backdrops for the thriller show.

Due to its developed infrastructure and historical significance, Berlin has always been one of the prime spots for local and international producers. The city provides all the necessary facilities that filmmakers can utilize to lens their projects. Some of the major shows that have been shit within the German capital are ‘The Flight Attendant‘ and ‘Homeland.’

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