Where Is The Silent Sea Filmed?

Touted as the first Korean sci-fi series to be set in space, ‘The Silent Sea’ is based on the 2014 short film titled ‘The Sea of Tranquility.’ Set in the year 2075, where Earth has been destroyed by severe climate change, a group of astronauts is given 24 hours to retrieve samples from an abandoned research station on the moon. The mystery adventure series does a great job of painting a bleak picture of humanity’s future on the planet. A significant portion of the show also takes place on the lunar surface. Naturally, the visuals must have gotten you curious about the filming locations. In that case, what we know might interest you!

The Silent Sea Filming Locations

One can’t help but be instilled with the sense of urgency as the series depicts Seoul in a light one hopes humans never have to see. In the show, tall skyscrapers define the cityscape, but the city remains barren. The once sparkling Han River is all dried up, and water is so scarce that it has become a status symbol and a form of currency. But present-day Seoul is quite different from the one depicted in the mystery drama. So, let us take a look at where the show is actually filmed!

Seoul, South Korea

‘The Silent Sea’ is filmed in Seoul, the capital and the largest city in South Korea. It is located along the Han River, which might have been used for some establishing shots, although not without the use of special effects. Seoul is one of the busiest entertainment production hubs in Asia, given the number of films and TV shows South Korea produces annually. The metropolis offers stunning views of the lofty mountains alongside the neon-lit streets and tall high rises. It is no wonder that Seoul attracts filming crews from all over the world.

Seoul is nothing like its gloomy counterpart seen in the show. As evident, a large portion of the filming is carried out in a studio facility, specifically the sequences involving the spacecraft and the Balhae Lunar Research Station. Seoul has some of the best movie studios the country has to offer, including Seoul Film Studio Complex, Dexter Studios, and Calltime Production, and others.

According to sources, the production team of the show relies on the usage of LED walls, which helps to make the visuals seem more realistic. However, actors have been spotted filming in front of green and blue screens as well. Filming sci-fi projects are never easy as a lot of logistics have to be accounted for. Similarly, for this adventure series, the cast and crew work extremely hard to depict the experiences of the characters in the most cinematic and realistic way possible.

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