Where is the Tattoo Redo Shop Located?

Following the success of shows like ‘Ink Masters,’ ‘Tattoo Nightmare,’ and ‘Black Ink Crew,’ Netflix recently released ‘Tattoo Redo,’ which follows five incredible tattoo artists as they cover some of the most embarrassing and unwanted body art on their clients. Although this series isn’t really a game-changer in its format, it genuinely incorporates all aspects of a positive and feel-good entertainment program. From tales of lost bets to mistakes to romances that stood the test of time, these tattoos represent it all. But now, let’s find out more about its featured shop, shall we?

Where is the Tattoo Redo Shop Located?

One of the most admirable things in ‘Tattoo Redo’ is that the five talented artists are from all over the world. While Tommy Montoya, who specializes in Black and Grey tattoos, is based out of Covina, California, Adrian “Twig Sparks” James, the renowned Realism expert, is from Miami, Florida. Matt Beckerich, a Japanese ink aficionado, and New Zealand’s own decorative and ornate specialist, Rose Hardy, both primarily work in New York. As for Sweden’s lovable Miryam Lumpini, she is an illustrative color professional based in The City of Angels — Los Angeles, California.

With this, and the involvement of New York native Jessimae Peluso, comic and host, it became imperative for the production firm behind the show to ensure that these individuals and the clients felt safe and secure. After all, since its filming took place around September-October 2020, the threat of COVID-19 was also looming. Therefore, from what we’ve been able to tell, there was no shop for ‘Tattoo Redo’ — it appears as if it was simply filmed on a soundstage or a warehouse in Orange County, California. The empty space was merely set up to look like a tattoo parlor.

Apart from a photo posted by Rose with Miryam on Instagram, captioned, “So happy to work with this beautiful one @miryamlumpini last month on an exciting new project!,” only one other tattoo artist gave us a clue about the show’s shooting in 2020. Twig uploaded an astonishing caricature-ish design paying tribute to camera people and crew members on his account, as seen above, and geotagged it to Newport Beach, California.

Even Jessimae shared a video from the set and geotagged it to Dreamland. In her caption, she penned, “That’s a wrap!! We did it @netflix & @bestproductioncompany !! Couldn’t wait to skate around set on my leopard rides after we filmed an entire (top secret) series (within proper COVID regulations) with an amazing cast & crew. Dreams do come true, it can happen to you…Feeling grateful.”

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