Where is Tiffany From Hoarders Now?

As a renowned Emmy-nominated and Critics Choice Award-winning reality series, ‘Hoarders’ depicts the real-life experiences and struggles of those with a compulsive hoarding disorder. This debilitating, clinically recognized ailment can go to an almost obsessive level, pushing many to adjust their lives around their belongings instead of the other way round. So, this A&E production explores the extremes and delves into the help offered in such situations. And now, if you are curious to find out more about Tiffany, the feature of season 13 episode 2, we’ve got you covered.

Tiffany Understands It’s Time For a Fresh Start

According to the official synopsis provided by the network, “Tiffany never lived an independent life growing up as a person with special needs. She now lives with her sister Becky because the family home is dangerous and unlivable. Collecting thousands of discounted books over the years has damaged the family property to the point that it may collapse at any moment. Now, Tiffany wants to build a new home and live a better life.” Since the young woman knew that the estate she was raised in was no longer suitable, she herself asked for professional aid to kickstart a new beginning.

“I probably have around 10,000 books, if not more,” Tiffany openly stated in the episode as the camera panned around her collection. However, what’s worse is that she had piles and piles of other junk around every corner and crevice of her home as well. From cardboard boxes to plastic bags and from seemingly useless decorative items to stationary, she had merely stacked everything on top of one another, making the residence a mess. This means that Tiffany’s issue affected almost every aspect of her life and added a lot of weight to an already unstable structure.

Tiffany Processes the Clean-Up and Loss

Tiffany proved that she’s not just funny but also very reasonable when the clearing actually began. She immersed herself in the project from the get-go and agreed to let go of countless belongings. Of course, she did have trouble saying goodbye to particular items, but surprisingly, her sister struggled more due to the emotional factors involved. The duo’s effort was evident in some decisions, yet there were comparatively fewer outbursts from their side. The primary drama thus came from their house’s structure. After all, it was so weak that experts weren’t sure whether they could even enter it safely.

While a clean-up expert said, “I’m noticing there are cracks along the ceiling,” another added, “I have quite a few concerns; it’s a little scary.” In fact, a structural engineer had to be called in, and it was revealed that if he deems the place even remotely risky, “this whole clean-up is going to get shut down.” Fortunately, that didn’t happen, and Tiffany could make genuine progress towards dealing with her compulsive hoarding.

Therefore, slowly yet surely, if she continues to accept support and be open about her feelings, Tiffany can definitely achieve her dream of cleaning up her life and building her dream house. It’ll be a continuous process, for sure, but it seems like one she can manage better than anyone else. We only hope the best for her and can’t wait to see how she makes use of the aid provided to her.

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