Tim: Hoarders Season 12 Face Cast Member Has Regrets

Given the nature of A&E’s ‘Hoarders,’ numerous stories have left fans with mixed feelings. Since its premiere in 2009, the reality show has introduced viewers to various people whose words and actions often become a subject of contemplation for those in the audience. In season 12, episode 6, the public met Tim, whose hoarding activities started to severely impact those around him, including his immediate family. As such, it is only natural for people to wonder where he is these days.

Tim’s Hoarders’ Journey

Over 52 years, Tim has accumulated a vast amount of objects, including various vehicles, electrical gadgets, and many other things. A former Psychologist, he wanted to work on multiple objects, given his experience working with appliances like air conditioners. Tim stated that his wife, Wilhelmina, initially ensured his hoarding did not enter their house. However, after her 2001 Catatonia diagnosis, her mental health started deteriorating, leading him to bring things into their residence.

During the production of the A&E series, Tim shared that he had been at odds with the local Code Enforcement for about three decades. Yet, recent events led him to believe he might lose his two houses should he not clear up the clutter. In addition, Tim realized that he would have to let go of particular objects as he could not complete all his planned projects. For the cleaning process, he was joined by his brother Steve, sister Betsy, and nephew Nathan, the latter of whom lived in one of the former Psychologist’s houses at the time.

Both Dr. Robin Zasio and Cory Chalmers struggled to find a comfortable chemistry with Tim, given his reluctance to admit that his hoarded stuff might not be as valuable as he thought. On more than one occasion, he seemed inclined to discontinue the services provided by the experts. Nonetheless, after completing the process and his home was 45 tons lighter, Tim said he was highly grateful for the services provided, despite some of his disappointments.

Where is Tim Now?

Since his time on the show, Tim’s regrets regarding the whole process seemed to have only increased, apparently thinking of it as the “biggest mistake of his entire life.” Based in Citrus Heights, California, the former Psychologist seems to have continued the cleaning process, though the speed is relatively slow. He also did not avail of the aftercare facilities provided by the showrunners.

Tim’s on-screen appearance sparked much outrage among the fans, who took to the internet to express their disappointment in his behavior. In fact, one Reddit user claimed that the reality TV cast member was their uncle and that the internet’s rage was apparently not unfounded. They said that Betsy is their mother and left the show midway through as she was “triggered by what went down with her and her brothers, and leaving really was the best option for her.”

However, it is hard to say just how legitimate this particular claim is. Contrary to fans’ opinions of Tim, they have only been complementary towards his wife Wilhelmina and expressed concern regarding her wellness. The couple was married for 52 years during the show’s production and had known each other for about a year before tying the knot.

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