Where Is Timanisha Taylor Now?

Netflix’s ‘Jailbirds New Orleans’ is a three-part installment of the ‘Jailbirds’ franchise, which gives us a glimpse into the lives and crimes of the women inmates detained at the Orleans Justice Center in New Orleans, Louisiana. This series revolves around their day-to-day experiences to showcase the gravity of their predicaments and sheds light on how some individuals just want to go home and prove that they are much more than the sum of their mistakes. Timanisha Taylor seems to be one of them. Now, if you are curious to know more about her, we’ve got you covered.

Who is Timanisha Taylor?

As a native of New Orleans, also known as The Big Easy, Timanisha Taylor describes Louisiana’s capital city as a gruesome and deplorable town that breaks just as many hearts as it mends with its free spirit. She can say this with confidence because she has seen it first-hand. After all, according to her account in the documentary, her father, step-father, and brother were murdered here. Moreover, Timanisha stated that if you are not on drugs to cope with life in the city, a close friend or family member probably would be, which only shatters more dreams and expectations.

Even Timanisha got involved in the wrong things but in a different manner. Around April 2019, she was taken into custody by deputies from Tulane Avenue on an open warrant. Yet, she asserts that it was the first time she was arrested and charged with serious violations; they were: two counts of aggravated assault with a firearm, unlawful firing of a weapon, home invasion, burglary, and two counts of violating restraining orders. These altered her plans because she was supposedly hoping to turn over a new leaf at that point for the betterment of her family and daughters.

Where is Timanisha Taylor Now?

After approximately a year at Orleans Justice Center, Timanisha Taylor got her wish and was released on a year-long probation. While detained in the Parish, the one thing she’d still tried her best to do was to be there for her two young daughters. That’s why, apart from the routine visits, Timanisha always looked forward to Girl Scouts Day each month, where she could hold, play, and bond with her girls in person for a few hours. Timanisha then realized, more than ever before, that being a good mother and full-time parent was all she wanted to accomplish from her reality.

From what we can tell, Timanisha continues to reside in New Orleans, and because there are no additional reports under her name, it seems as if she has stayed out of trouble since her release. In the show, the now 29-year-old spoke of getting into writing and possibly photography as potential professions on the side to provide for her family, so we hope that one day, Timanisha will be able to achieve a career in the industry she wants.

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