Where is Trevor? Did Miles Fowler Leave The Resident?

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The fifth season of FOX’s medical series ‘The Resident’ opens a new chapter in the life of Billie Sutton. Billie’s son Trevor, whom she put up for adoption, returns to her life. He becomes an intern at Chastain Park Memorial Hospital and starts to work in the presence of his mother. Even though Trevor goes through a rough patch at first to really settle in Chastain, his intelligence and learning ability earn him appreciation from Devon and Conrad.

However, Trevor’s absence in the eleventh and twelfth episode despite being a significant character of the fifth season has led the fans of the show to worry over the character’s fate and Miles Fowler’s commitment to the show. If you are curious about the same, here’s everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Where is Trevor?

Trevor starts his internship at Chastain under the watch of Devon. Even though his youthful exuberance does not align perfectly with Devon’s strict discipline measures, he manages to prove that he possesses high potential. He also comes to know that his mother Billie is responsible for his internship and not AJ. Upon learning the nuances of treating patients at the ER from Devon and Conrad, Trevor starts to get better as an intern.

Image Credit: Tom Griscom/FOX

In the tenth episode of season 5, Devon guides Trevor to treat a patient with a mysterious fever. He works hard to diagnose the patient and research extensively to eliminate possibilities. He displays his vulnerabilities and strength for Devon to assist him. At the end of the episode, Trevor diagnoses the patient, stunning not only Devon and Conrad but also the viewers. Trevor’s intelligence and observational skills offer an enthralling episode for the fans of the show.

However, Trevor does not appear in the eleventh and twelfth episodes of the show. His disappearance is unexplained and there isn’t any mention of the new intern to even know where he is. The character’s absence has also stirred curiosity among the viewers about Fowler’s supposed departure. So, did Miles Fowler leave the medical drama? Let’s find out!

Did Miles Fowler Leave The Resident?

Miles Fowler joined the cast of ‘The Resident’ ahead of the fifth and current season as a series regular. His character Trevor plays a pivotal part in the season’s early narrative, especially with regard to his encounter with Billie and AJ and the subsequent internship at Chastain. The tenth episode of the season, which chiefly centers around Trevor, solidifies the character’s significance in the narrative of the show. Therefore, Trevor’s absence in two consecutive episodes does raise alarm among the admirers of the character.

Image Credit: Tom Griscom/FOX

However, there are no official statements or announcements from FOX or Miles Fowler regarding Trevor’s supposed departure, which ensures that the actor didn’t leave the show. Furthermore, in an interview given in January 2022, co-showrunner Andrew Chapman said that Trevor’s relationship with his mother Billie is a major part of the 13th and 14th episodes of the fifth season, which indicates his return after a short break. His disappearance can be due to narrative reasons and most probably isn’t an indication of the character’s future in the show.

In episode 12, Billie learns about Robert Porter running for a seat in the state medical board from Bell. She reveals to Kit that Porter raped her when she was thirteen years old. In the upcoming episodes, we can expect Billie’s revelation to affect Trevor’s life ahead. Since Porter is expected to threaten and even try to harm Billie, we may see Trevor guarding his mother. The identity of Trevor’s father and the emotional aftereffects of such a revelation on the young intern may also get depicted in the episodes to come.

Since Fowler joined the current season as a series regular, speculations concerning his departure can be dismissed. As Chapman revealed, Trevor is very well a significant part of the narrative and we believe that Fowler is likely to continue featuring in ‘The Resident.’

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