Where is Twentysomethings’ Isha Punja Now?

Netflix’s ‘Twentysomethings: Austin’ is a coming-of-age story of eight diverse individuals as they head out into the real world to navigate life, love, and careers. Since the cast, like the rest of the world, spent more than a year at home due to the ongoing pandemic, they’re more than ready to catch up on their 20s and experience what it really means to be an adult. Thus, from friendships and relationships to loss and heartbreak, they go through all the highs and lows, getting us invested in their adventures. So now, let’s find out what Isha Punja is up to today, shall we?

Who is Isha Punja?

Isha Punja is a self-proclaimed educated ditz who believes she’s “always in her head” because she’s a triple air sign — Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. After all, although she’s a graduate (2020) of the University of California – Berkeley’s economics program, where she focused upon maths and statistics, she often gets confused between Miami and Maine since they both sound similar and start with an M. In the reality series, Isha honestly explained all this and further declared, “I do think I’m intelligent, but every now and then, um, I say things that can come across a little ditzy.”

The 24-year-old Irvine native wasn’t exaggerating her personality or tendencies either; she does say silly things that are often giggled away, yet she’s also really smart and ambitious. In fact, Isha had decided to relocate to the eclectic Texas city from Orange County not only to have fun and meet new people but also to expand the reach of her fashion line, which she’d established with the help of her parents back in 2017. Therefore, one of the main reasons she is so likable is because what you see is what you get with her; she says what she means with no ulterior motives.

Where is Isha Punja Now?

Isha Punja is a fashion designer whose primary focus continues to be her brand, Hut Mentality, where she trades in hand-tailored items that come straight from the local artisans of India. Her clothes are actually a perfect blend of traditional patterns and trendy looks, which offers slow and sustainable fashion and further brings new meaning to how a person’s dressing style represents their inner self. More importantly, it seems like her efforts are gradually turning fruitful, especially as Hut Mentality was featured in an issue of British Vogue and presented at the New York Fashion Week recently.

Today, it seems like nothing and no one can ever come between Isha and her desire to be a successful woman of color in the fashion industry who aims to bring the multicultural world into the limelight. There’s no denying that she’s creative and entrepreneurial, so the fact that she has experience in digital marketing and currently works as a remote freelance writer for FAM NYC (a high-fashion marketing agency) is only bound to open more doors for her.

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