Where is Twentysomethings’ Natalie Cabo Now?

By incorporating friendships, romances, and career opportunities, Netflix’s ‘Twentysomethings: Austin’ can only be described as a feel-good reality series that highlights the highs and lows that come with being an adult. In other words, it follows eight strangers in their 20s as they move to the diverse Texas city and learn to navigate every aspect of life under the new American normal. Amongst them is the adorably charming and vibrant Natalie Cabo, so now, if you are curious to know more about her, her experiences, and her current whereabouts, we’ve got the details for you.

Who is Natalie Cabo?

As a 26-year-old from Miami, Florida, Natalie Cabo is someone who is more than ready for her very first taste of freedom. Despite having attended The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and having traveled to different regions across the globe, she never really had a chance to move out and be on her own for good. That’s why, once some of the restrictions owing to the covid-19 pandemic lifted and the possibility arose, she decided to pack her bags and relocate to Austin with the aim of letting loose, finding herself outside her comfort zone, and maybe even getting her very first boyfriend.

Natalie is a self-proclaimed sexual being, so growing up – and then continuing to live – in a strict and uncompromising Latin household did put a damper on her essence a little. After all, not only did her father refuse to let her hug boys unless she covered her chest, but her home was also filled with surveillance cameras monitoring the family’s every move. Thankfully, though, Natalie still managed to turn into her bold, beautiful, and extroverted self, making Texas’ capital the ideal place for her. “They say Austin is weird, and I love that because I’m weird too,” she said. “So, Austin, I’m here for you, baby.”

Where is Natalie Cabo Now?

It’s surprising considering the fact that she agreed to star in a Netflix original reality series, but it seems as if Natalie Cabo doesn’t like to share too much about her personal life with the world. Her social media platforms are full of her sporadic shenanigans with close friends and family, yet she tends to remain tight-lipped about her day-to-day affairs. In fact, after her 26th birthday post towards the end of summer 2021, as seen below, Natalie only took to Instagram to announce her appearance on ‘Twentysomethings: Austin,’ making it an almost three-month gap.

“What have I been doing the last few months?,” Natalie had penned in mid-November. “Uhh just doing what I do best! 🤪 Can’t wait for you all to watch me #keepitcabo on @twentysomethings.” Thus, all we know is that, apart from being glad that she took a leap of faith and found herself in Austin with new people in the fall of 2021, the lively youngster seems perfectly content with where she stands right now.

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