Where is Twentysomethings’ Raquel Daniels Now?

‘Twentysomethings: Austin’ is a Netflix original production that revolves around eight diverse and young individuals as they move to Texas’ growing capital to find success in all aspects of life. In simpler words, they navigate friendships, romances, and professions while counting upon each other for support and, at times, even guidance. The fact that the cast members live together only furthers their dynamic and manages to get us genuinely invested in their lives. So now, let’s find out everything there’s to know about the fun-loving yet hard-working Raquel Daniels, shall we?

Who is Raquel Daniels?

Originally from Eatonville, Florida, Raquel Daniels can only be described as a lively, passionate, and motivated 25-year-old. She’d just graduated from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical (A&M) University in Tallahassee when the pandemic hit, so instead of staying away or finding her own place, she moved back in with her parents. Therefore, when the world started to open up again, she realized that although “there’s not technically a curfew… there’s a curfew, if you get my drift.” Raquel’s need for true freedom, along with her professional aspirations, thus led her to relocate to Austin, Texas.

As one of the few black women actively working in the information technology (IT) sector, Raquel actually wanted to move to the eclectic city to immerse herself in the thriving tech scene there. She wished to make connections and grow in her field to help the startup she works for achieve the success she thinks it deserves. She wants to excel one day, and she wants to do it with the organization she believes in. In short, Raquel understands that some things are worth the hard work and perseverance no matter the risks or how long it takes. Therefore, she stays positive and maintains that she’s a “happy mushroom.”

Where is Raquel Daniels Now?

From what we can tell, Raquel Daniels continues to pursue her dreams, play the stock market, and be loud and proud about who she is without any worries. It’s also evident that she respects her heritage and wants to set an example for others, so she seems to be doing just that through her online presence, her work as an amateur model, and by being the ambassador for Conscious Apparel by Moye. She hasn’t revealed any particular details concerning her personal life yet, but she does appear to be perfectly content with where she stands today. After all, Raquel says that Austin was “Highkey, best time of my life.”

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