Where Was Vicky and Her Mystery Filmed?

Originally titled ‘Mystère,’ ‘Vicky and Her Mystery’ is a French film that revolves around a young girl called Victoria AKA Vicky and her father, Stéphane. After her mother’s death, Vicky withdraws into a shell, so much so that she stops talking. However, when the father and daughter duo moves to Cantal, unexpected addition to their little family changes their lives — a pup named Mystery. It is because of Mystery that Vicky learns to enjoy life once again.

However, when Stéphane realizes that Mystery is, in fact, a wolf and not a dog, he cannot get himself to separate the lovable creature from his daughter despite being warned of the dangers. The storyline of the family adventure film unfurls in the expanse of the untouched beauty of the mountains. The snow-covered landscapes and green forests almost seem symbolic of the changes that Vicky sees in herself all thanks to Mystery. Thus, one can’t help but wonder where this Denis Imbert directorial was shot. Well, we’ve got the scoop!

Vicky and Her Mystery Filming Locations

Principal photography of the film seemingly began in August 2019 and wrapped up sometime in early 2020. Perhaps the filming process remained unaffected by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. The movie is set in the mountains of Cantal, where Stéphane and Vicky move in hopes of starting a new life. Much like many of you, we got curious to learn if the adventure film was shot on location. So, we decided to dig deeper, and here is everything we have found!

Cantal, France

‘Vicky and Her Mystery’ was filmed in the department of Cantal, which lies in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region of south-central France. Cantal is one of the most geographically isolated departments in the country and is sparsely populated. The majority of the sequences in the film were shot in the commune of Le Falgoux, which is known for its dense beech and pine forests that are marked with stunning hiking trails. The commune sits in the heart of the Auvergne Volcanoes Regional Nature Park, which is sprawled across approximately 395,000 hectares of land.

As per sources, several significant sequences were also shot at Col d’Aulac, a pass near the town of Vaulmier. Located at an altitude of about 1,228 meters, the pass runs through the pastures and forested areas of the Auvergne Volcanoes Regional Nature Park. There is something magical about the snowy landscape and stillness of the surroundings that the visuals in the film capture quite beautifully.

Despite the cold weather, it seems that the cast and crew had a good time filming ‘Vicky and Her Mystery.’ Apparently, the young actress Shanna Keil, who plays Vicky, developed a strong bond with the animals that stand in for Mystery in the film. Having said that, if you are a nature and animal lover, the movie is bound to be a memorable visual and emotional experience for you!

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