Viral Joshi: Where is the Indian Matchmaking Participant Now?

Netflix’s ‘Indian Matchmaking‘ is a reality dating series that blends traditional and modern dating practices, putting desi arranged marriages in the spotlight for a global audience. The show follows the experienced matchmaker Sima Taparia as she sets out to find compatible life partners for young singles in both India and the US. In season 2, one of the participants was Viral Joshi, a strong, independent individual who eventually found a connection with Aashay Shah.

Viral Joshi’s Indian Matchmaking Journey

From the moment Viral appeared on ‘Indian Matchmaking,’ it was evident that she was seeking a partner for an equal partnership rather than someone to complete her. Her objective was to find a true significant other who could help her build an empire, as she was already stable with her own home and a lot of responsibilities. She grew up in a Gujarati household as an only child. Having completed her education, loving her work, being debt-free, self-made, and being a travel enthusiast were all aspects that contributed to her criteria for a partner.

When Viral started the matchmaking process with Sima, she was told she should expect to find someone who meets about 60-70% of her criteria. However, Viral argued that she was not asking for anything that she wasn’t already bringing to the table herself. Sima then introduced her to two potential suitors, Viral Kothari and Jaymin Mehta, both of whom were Gujarati and only children. Despite meeting them individually, Viral didn’t feel any attraction, connection, or long-term compatibility with them. As a result, Sima suggested New York-based optometrist Aashay Shah as a potential match for Viral.

When Viral met Aashay, she was impressed by his intelligence, physicality, and strong family bonds. He also impressed her with how he handled himself in front of her parents. During their indoor rock climbing date, Aashay’s patience with Viral was a major plus for her, as were his tattoos. As they continued to talk, Viral realized they had enough similarities to establish a solid foundation but also enough differences to help each other grow. They began dating and did not experience any major issues.

Viral and Aashay’s relationship was going strong, and it was clear that they were serious about each other. She even traveled to New York to meet him, and they had a healthy argument that they resolved well. They had difficult conversations about their status and a long-distance relationship, and Aashay expressed that he felt that the effort was worth it when you find the right person. He told Viral that she was everything he was looking for. Although Viral only said that she liked him, she later revealed in a confessional that he was exactly what she had been looking for and rated him ten out of ten.

Viral Joshi is a Clinical Research Associate Now

While Viral Joshi and Aashay Shah have not publicly confirmed their relationship status, it seems likely that they are still together. They both follow each other on social media and have been liking each other’s posts regularly, which suggests that they are still in contact. Additionally, they have spoken about their solid connection and compatibility, which bodes well for their future together. Ultimately, only time will tell what the future holds for this couple. Viral is currently working as a clinical research associate and is simply enjoying her life to the fullest.

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