Wendy Young: Christopher Duntsch’s Ex-Girlfriend is Still a Proud Mother Today

Image Credit: CNBC Prime

Christopher Duntsch remains notorious in medical circles for his rampant disregard for the Hippocratic Oath that saw him maim and disable over 30 of his patients, while 2 more passed away during and shortly after undergoing procedures by the former neurosurgeon. His story is depicted in the Peacock show ‘Dr. Death,’ which delves into the harrowing ordeal his patients and colleagues went through as a result of his actions. Duntsch’s personal life is also depicted on the show, including the time he spent in a relationship with Wendy Young, with whom he had 2 children. The rogue doctor is now serving a life sentence in prison, but what of Wendy? Where has she been since? Let’s find out.

Who is Wendy Young?

Wendy Renee Young, a former student of Everett Community College in Washington, first met Christopher Duntsch in 2011 at a bar in Memphis called The Beauty Shop. Around that time, Wendy, 27, worked at an adult entertainment club called The Pony while Duntsch, 40, was looking for opportunities as a surgeon. The two struck up a rapport, soon began dating, and within 3 months had moved in together. Soon after, she became pregnant with their first son Aiden.

Image Credit: CNBC Prime

According to Wendy, her former partner got offers from medical institutions in New York, San Diego, and Dallas and eventually chose the latter. Since she had family in Dallas, Wendy decided to go along with him, and the two first lived at the W Hotel before moving into a 5-bedroom house near Plano with their son. Following a string of botched surgeries that were finally brought to public attention, Duntsch was stripped of his medical license in 2013.

The notorious neurosurgeon was forced to declare bankruptcy shortly after and moved back in with his parents in Colorado. The two broke up in 2014, at which time Wendy was pregnant with their second child.  Preston was born in September 2014 while she was living with her sister in Garland, Texas. By 2016, Wendy was reported to be living with the parents of her new boyfriend, with whom she had a child the same year. Between 2014 and 2016, it seems like she was working at the Regional Plastic Surgery Center & Spa in Richardson, Texas.

Where is Wendy Young Now?

Wendy has kept a relatively low profile since everything came out in the open and has not shared where precisely she resides in Texas. She is, however, much more than a self-proclaimed full-time stay-at-home parent these days. It appears as if she isn’t overly concerned about burying the past by making it clear a part of her life is depicted on the crime series ‘Dr. Death,’ as well as on other shows focusing on the notorious Christopher Duntsch. So, this music enthusiast currently serves as a creative consultant on such productions while also dabbling in a bit of apparel merchandising and possibly modeling. Though her children, as well as her new love, seem to be her main focus for now.

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