Where Is Wolf Like Me Filmed?

Peacock and Stan’s ‘Wolf Like Me’ is a genre-bending rom-com show that focuses on Gary, his 11-year-old daughter Emma, and a mysterious woman named Mary. A widower living away from his home country, Gary often has trouble dealing with his unhappy daughter. However, after a freak car accident, the enigmatic and kind Mary somehow manages to comfort the young girl during her panic attack. Directed and written by Abe Forsythe loosely based on his own experiences, the show sees Josh Gad, Isla Fisher, and Ariel Donoghue in pivotal roles.

The horror-comedy dives deep into Gary and Mary’s complicated romance; soon, the latter’s horrifying secret rears its head. The show is full of beautiful backdrops — from Gary’s cozy home to the magnificent desert landscapes just a long drive away from him. Indeed, the domestic bliss and peace of mind that both Gary and Mary are desiring are reflected in their surroundings. Thus, many fans are curious about where this entertaining show is filmed. Here’s everything you need to know about the filming locations of ‘Wolf Like Me.’

Wolf Like Me Filming Locations

‘Wolf Like Me’ is set in the beautiful country of Australia; we see that Gary and Emma move to the Land Down Under from the US. In fact, the show touches upon Gary and Mary’s attempts to assimilate into their new environment. Additionally, the country’s natural landscapes play an important role in Mary’s dreadful secret.

According to reports, filming of the show commenced sometime in April/May 2021 and wrapped up by July 2021. Strict COVID-19 protocols are followed on set to ensure the safety of the cast, crew, and locals. Now, let’s go ahead and take a peek at the specific filming locations!

New South Wales, Australia

‘Wolf Like Me’ is filmed in the southeastern Australian state of New South Wales. Thus, one can see why authenticity is easily maintained when it comes to the Australian backdrops in the show. In particular, filming takes place across regional New South Wales (NSW) and Sydney, which is the state capital.

According to reports, the suburbs of Ashfield and Ashbury, located in the Inner West of Sydney, are important shooting sites for the show. After all, Sydney — famous for its Opera House, scenic beaches, and busy ports — is no stranger to cameras and film crews. Popular films like ‘The Matrix,’ ‘The Great Gatsby,’ ‘Independence Day,’ and ‘Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings’ were also filmed in the Emerald City.

Broken Hill, known as the Hollywood of the Outback, is another important filming location for the rom-com. The mining city and its surrounding areas are known for their striking outbacks, wide streets, and interesting architecture. In the show, we see how the vastness of the desert and the outside wilderness become important elements of Mary’s story.

The production of the Isla Fisher starrer is supported by the NSW government and is making more than 160 jobs available for local film and television industry professionals. The show is quintessentially Australian, and the country’s culture and landscape are worked into the thrilling and surprising plot. All in all, ‘Wolf Like Me’ benefits by choosing New South Wales, Australia — with its diverse topography and beneficial tax rebates — as its filming location.

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