Where is Y: The Last Man Filmed?

‘Y: The Last Man’ is a post-apocalyptic drama based on the eponymous comic book series by Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra. Developed for the screen by Eliza Clark, the show is set in a world where a mysterious phenomenon has wiped out the male population of all mammals on the planet, with the exception of a man called Yorick Brown and his pet monkey.

The dramatic story arc of the show follows Yorick’s incredible journey and the attempts of the survivors to rebuild society. Given its dramatic sci-fi premise, the show offers equally breathtaking visuals and portrays the world in the throes of an unprecedented disaster. So, where do the show makers actually shoot this dystopian series? Let’s take a look!

Y: The Last Man Filming Locations

‘Y: The Last Man’ is primarily filmed in Canada, while a small portion is shot in New York State. However, the narrative travels to multiple locations around the world as the global catastrophe is explored and uncovered over the course of multiple episodes. Filming for the pilot initially took place in New York State in 2018. After suffering delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, production on the sci-fi TV show reportedly began in October 2020 and concluded in July 2021. Now, let’s take a look at the specific filming locations used to bring the show to life.

Toronto, Ontario

The show is largely filmed in Toronto, which provides the perfect backdrop for the show’s many urban sequences. The show’s narrative is set in multiple cities, including New York City. Therefore, several locations around downtown Toronto and Greater Toronto Area are seemingly used to stand in for these cities.

The natural landscapes close to Toronto offer a wide variety of countryside and highway locations that the show uses to depict many different places. Of course, CGI is also heavily used to portray much of the carnage seen on screen.

Other Locations in Ontario

The neighboring city of Mississauga, situated on the edges of Lake Ontario, is used extensively to film the show. Apart from shooting on location, multiple indoor scenes have possibly been filmed in the city. The production team also used some constructed sets for a few sequences. Its proximity to the city of Toronto is one of the major reasons why Mississauga is a favored filming location.

As per reports, an unincorporated village named Schomberg in the township of King in Ontario is also used by the production team for filming a few scenes. For season 1, the village’s Main Street, which lies south of Dr. Kay Drive and near Church Street, was briefly closed off in May 2021.

Orangetown, New York

The pilot episode of ‘Y: The Last Man’ was filmed in 2018. It was reportedly shot in a hamlet named Pearl River in the town of Orangetown in Rockland County, New York. Stock footage featuring many distinctive landmarks from across the country and around the world was also used to depict the global catastrophe that the inaugural season of the series opens with.

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