Where is Young Sheldon Filmed?

‘The Big Bang Theory’ turned out to be a treasure trove for CBS. Not only did the series last for twelve seasons, maintaining its popularity but it also led to a fairly appreciated spin-off, ‘Young Sheldon’

‘Young Sheldon’ focuses on the childhood of the most popular character of ‘The Big Bang Theory,’ Sheldon Cooper and revolves around his coming-of-age in Texas, USA. It has become a charming family sitcom with an appeal of its own. One of the appeals of the show has certainly been its familiar, light and optimistic family setting.

Young Sheldon Filming Locations:

Like many family sitcoms, ‘Young Sheldon’ is set in a bunch of places that keep appearing persistently on the show. Some of the locations that appear frequently and in almost every episode include Sheldon’s house and his school. The story is set in Medford, Texas and many of you might be wondering whether the show is actually filmed there.

Los Angeles, USA

No, the show is not filmed in the same place as it is set in. Instead of Texas, ‘Young Sheldon’ is largely filmed in Los Angeles, California. Most of the show’s exterior shots are filmed on location in the American city.

The most common location on the show is definitely Sheldon’s House. The actual place where the exterior shots including the house are filmed is located in San Fernando Valley, L.A. It is located on 5501, Morella Avenue in North Hollywood, California. The house which is designed with a ranch aesthetic is located just more than a couple of miles from Warner Bros. Studio.

Other than that, the church in Sheldon’s locality where the family regularly go is also a common location on the series. While the church is depicted to exist in Medford, Texas on the show, its filming is undertaken largely at the First Christian Church of North Hollywood on 4390 Colfax Avenue in North Hollywood, California.

Moreover, Sheldon’s high school is also a frequent location on the show, The school which is shown on the show is actually the Van Nuys High School on 6535 Cedros Avenue, Los Angeles, California. Other than that, the exteriors, several scenes set inside the school are also filmed in the Van Nuys High School.

Warner Bros. Studio, California

Like most sitcoms, ‘Young Sheldon’ is set indoors and shot at sets and sound stages at Warner Bros. Studio in Burbank, California. Most newly commissioned shows often film their first episode in a real house before constructing an actual set.

However, ‘Young Sheldon’ was expected to cash in on the popularity of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ and hence, a set was commissioned to be created before the show’s filming. You can check out a tour of the set by Iain Armitage below.

Other than that, the house of Sheldon’s grandmother a.k.a. Meemaw is shown to be located opposite Sheldon’s house. In reality, the place depicted as Meemaw’s home is located four miles from Sheldon’s house and is a part of Warner Bros. Studio. The street that it is located on is known as Blondie Street.