Hallmark’s Mystery on Mistletoe Lane: Cast and Filming Locations Guide

We find ourselves in a Christmas-themed treasure hunt with ‘Mystery on Mistletoe Lane’, a Hallmark movie with Allan Harmon in the directing chair. The narrative centers on Heidi Wicks, a divorced mom with two children, who relocates to the New England town of New Hollow to take on the role of director at the local history society. Their new, long-abandoned house begins to unveil mysterious clues, leading the kids to a holiday-themed treasure hunt. As they delve deeper, Heidi uncovers a decades-old mystery tied to the house and its previous occupants.

With the assistance of David, her predecessor at the historical society and a burgeoning romantic interest, Heidi is determined to solve the Mistletoe Mansion mystery and restore the house to its former splendor by Christmas Eve. With beautiful snowy scenes of the city square and the antique Mistletoe Mansion, many may wonder where the filming for the movie took place.

Where Was Mystery on Mistletoe Lane Filmed?

‘Mystery on Mistletoe Lane’ is set in the fictional town of New Hollow in New England, and the backdrop features bright, snow-covered neighborhoods and the Mistletoe Mansion itself. However, like the majority of Hallmark movies, shooting of the Hallmark movie was most likely carried out in the westernmost province of British Columbia, specifically in Vancouver. The holiday film was reportedly shot in 2023 and possibly encountered setbacks with the Writers Guild of America strike, which lasted five months between May and September of the same year.

Vancouver, British Columbia

It can be said with reasonable certainty that the filming of ‘Mystery on Mistletoe Lane’ took place in and around Vancouver, British Columbia. The diverse cityscape of the port city allows it to be presented as both a minor town and a bustling metropolis. It is, therefore, the preferred filming location for several Hallmark movies such as ‘The MistleToe’s Secret,’ ‘My Christmas Family Tree,’ and ‘Mystic Christmas.’ The production of the Allan Harmon directorial was a smooth process. Like with most Hallmark Christmas features, a large volume of fake snow was used effectively to give a wintry feel to the quaint town of New Hollow.

The city is home to some of the largest production studios, equipped with advanced technological advancements and technicians, and also offers lucrative tax incentives. Therefore, it is often referred to as the Hollywood North. Apart from ‘Mystery on Mistletoe Lane,’ some notable titles shot in and around the city include ‘The Fall of the House of Usher’, ‘Haunting of Hill House’ and ‘The Last of Us.’

Mystery on Mistletoe Lane Cast

Victor Webster is an established actor, and his likeness would be familiar to TV and film audiences alike, spanning multiple genres from romantic comedies to action thrillers. His notable works encompass titles such as ‘Bringing Down the House,’ ‘Must Love Dogs,’ ‘Surrogates,’ and ‘Why Did I Get Married Too?’ He has also taken on the leading role in both the third and fourth installments of ‘The Scorpion King’ franchise. Webster also stars opposite acclaimed talents in the popular shows, ‘Sex and the City,’ ‘Castle,’ ‘Charmed,’ ‘Criminal Minds,’ and ‘CSI.’

A Vancouver native, Erica Cerra essays the character of Heidi Wicks in the holiday film. Over the years, she has bagged  supporting roles in several movie and TV productions, such as ‘Power Rangers,’ ‘Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief,’ and the TV series ‘Eureka.’ Other cast members include Fred Henderson as Wallace, Mary-Beth Manning as Linda Swanson, Juliette Hawk as Annie, and Logan Pierce as Garrett.

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