Netflix’s Raising Voices: All Filming Locations of the Spanish Show

Adapted from the eponymous novel by Miguel Sáez Carral, Netflix’s ‘Raising Voices’ is a Spanish teen drama series about a teenager’s courage to report a sexual assault at her high school, Martin Baussen Private School. The creation of José Manuel Lorenzo and Miguel Sáez Carral follows a 17-year-old student named Alma, who is a conflicting student with low self-esteem, and her two best friends, Greta and Nata. The trio has known each other since childhood, but now they party together and go through the complications that almost every other teenager faces — jealousy, fear of missing out, familial problems, and toxic relationships.

As she is about to say goodbye to her high school, Alma hangs a white cloth on the school’s facade that reads in large and red letters — “Careful. Rapist hiding here.” After this, the life and normality of Alma and her friends are upended as an investigation is launched, testing her relationship as well as her calm and composure. Originally titled ‘Ni una más,’ the show features compelling performances from talented Spanish actors, including Nicole Wallace, Clara Galle, Gabriel Guevara, Ivan Massagué, Eloy Azorín, José Pastor,  and Aïcha Villaverde. The story mostly takes place in a fictional school, so questions about the actual shooting sites naturally arise.

Where is Raising Voices Filmed?

Filming for ‘Raising Voices’ is carried out entirely in Spain, especially in Madrid. The inaugural iteration of the drama series reportedly commenced shooting in October 2022. After continuing for the next four months or so, the principal photography came to an end in February 2023.

Madrid, Spain

Almost all the pivotal sequences of ‘Raising Voices’ are lensed in and around the capital of Spain — Madrid. Lying in the center of the Iberian peninsula on the southern Meseta Central, the city consists of a vast and diverse landscape, which works in favor of different kinds of movies and TV shows, including the Spanish teen show. The production team took over various streets and neighborhoods of the Spanish capital and taped important scenes, including aerial and establishing shots, against suitable backdrops. Thus, it is highly likely that you might spot a few prominent landmarks in the background, such as the Puerta de Alcalá, the Hotel Riu Plaza España, the Cibeles Palace, the Royal Palace of Madrid, and the Cathedral of Saint Mary the Royal of the Almudena.

As far as shooting the high school scenes set in the fictional Martin Baussen Private School is concerned, they are seemingly recorded inside a private establishment, which was made to look like an educational facility. It is also possible that the cast and crew members utilized the facility of a film studio located in and around Madrid to shoot several indoor portions. Apart from ‘Raising Voices,’ the Spanish capital has served as a pivotal shooting site for many film and TV projects, such as ‘The Skin I Live In,’ ‘Open Your Eyes,’ ‘In from the Cold,’ and ‘The Boarding School.’

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