Where is Netflix’s In From the Cold Filmed?

Starring Margarita Levieva, Cillian O’Sullivan, and Lydia Fleming, ‘In From the Cold‘ is a science-fiction series created by comic book author Adam Glass. The show centers upon a single mother living in suburban New Jersey whose life turns upside down after she is arrested by the FBI and her life as an ex-Russian spy is exposed. Now she must cooperate with the intelligence agency to help them fight against Russia’s underworld drug trade or risk putting her family in danger.

The action-packed drama that unfolds has been filmed in locations that could not only simulate parts of Moscow but also accurately depict New Jersey suburbs. If the onscreen tension and drama have captured your attention as well and you wish to learn more about the show’s production, then you have come to the right place. Here’s everything you need to know.

In From the Cold Filming Locations

‘In From the Cold’ is filmed almost entirely in Spain. Situated on Europe’s Iberian Peninsula, the country has contributed generously to the global film and television industry. It was the legendary filmmaker Luis Buñuel’s work that first made Spanish cinema popular around the world. Since then, the country’s entertainment industry has prospered with every production. The filming of the Netflix original series took place primarily in Madrid. Curious to learn more about it? Let’s jump right in.

Madrid, Spain

The principal photography of ‘In From the Cold’ is done in Madrid, the capital city of Spain. The production for the first season commenced in early 2020, but due to the global coronavirus pandemic, the shooting was suspended in March of the same year. After making sure that all the safety measures were in place, the filming resumed the following year in January.

However, the production proved to be a logistical challenge for the producers because of the risks involved. Thanks to the professional and talented team that showed great dedication under pressure, everything went smoothly, and the filming wrapped up in May 2021. Madrid turned out to be an ideal location for the filming because it can perfectly stand-in for Moscow and other cities that feature in the series.

Furthermore, the city is a film and television production hub in the region, so the producers can easily get access to an experienced crew and other shooting needs without any hassle. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that Madrid alone provides employment to almost 40% of the people working in Spain’s television and film industry.

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