Last Call for Istanbul: Where Was Netflix Movie Shot?

Helmed by Gonenc Uyanik, Netflix’s ‘Last Call for Istanbul’ is a Turkish romantic comedy film that focuses on two married people — Mehmet and Serin — who cross each other’s paths at the airport and decide to embark on an adventurous night together before the latter receives her lost luggage back the following day.

Promising to never reach out to one another after the night, they decide to do things a bit differently as they explore desire and temptation together. The exciting night of Mehmet and Serin takes place in the vibrant streets of New York City as they get familiar with the nightlife of the foreign city, which makes the viewers curious to know if ‘Last Call for Istanbul’ was filmed on location or not.

Last Call for Istanbul Filming Locations

‘Last Call for Istanbul’ was filmed in New York, primarily in New York City. The production of the romantic drama film seemingly got underway in August 2022 and continued for more than a month or so, before getting wrapped up in late September of the same year. So, let’s follow the two strangers on an adventurous night across the vibrant city and navigate the specific sites that appear in the Netflix production!

New York City, New York

Since almost the entirety of ‘Last Call for Istanbul’ is set in New York City, it makes sense why the production team utilized the locales of the Big Apple to shoot a majority of the rom-com movie. From the looks of it, they made sure to traverse across the city and capture the lively streets and tall buildings in the background of many scenes. For instance, the iconic Manhattan Bridge, a suspension bridge over the East River that connects Lower Manhattan to Downtown Brooklyn, is a regular feature in the backdrop of scenes involving Serin and Mehmet as they bond with each other.

From the looks of it, several areas of Central Park were also turned into film sets as the filming unit lensed some key portions on location. In particular, the cast and crew members of ‘Last Call for Istanbul’ set up camp around the Bow Bridge, which is considered one of the most picturesque features of Central Park. The two main characters are seen spending some fun time together roaming the streets of NYC, covering some of the most widely recognized places and landmarks, including Times Square as well as the neighborhood of Tribeca. In the aerial shots of the city, you are also likely to spot other attractions and buildings, such as the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Deutsche Bank Center, Central Park Tower, and the Chrysler Building.

Istanbul, Turkey

A few important scenes for ‘Last Call for Istanbul’ were also seemingly taped in Istanbul. Situated in northwestern Turkey, Istanbul serves as the nation’s cultural, economic, and historic hub. It is likely that some interior as well as exterior portions of the rom-com film were recorded on location, keeping things as authentic as possible.

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