Tore: Exploring All Shooting Locations of the Netflix TV Series

Image Credit: Jonath Mathew/Netflix

Netflix’s ‘Tore’ is created by William Spetz, who also portrays the titular character in ‘Tore,’ a Swedish comedy-drama series that revolves around the 27-year-old man named Tore who struggles to grapple with grief, following the demise of the most important person in his life in a tragic garbage truck accident. Leading double lives to cope, he works at his father’s funeral home by putting his troubles in the background while exploring himself at night. One night, Tore finds himself in a party boat where he experiences alcohol, drugs, and sex, all for the very first time.

The excitement of this new world opening up to Tore starts getting to him while his best friend Linn and his coworkers at the funeral home have their concerns regarding the sanity of Tore. Besides Spetz, the film features a talented ensemble cast, comprising Sanna Sundqvist, Hannes Fohlin, Lotta Tejle, Per Svensson, and Victor Iván. The constantly changing locations in the backdrop, including the residence of Tore, nightclubs, and other sites, reflect the transition in the life of the protagonist, leaving the viewers posing questions regarding the filming sites of ‘Tore.’

Tore Filming Locations

‘Tore’ is filmed in its entirety in Sweden, specifically in and around Stockholm. According to reports, production on the drama show got underway in early December 2022 and wrapped up in a couple of months, in February 2023. While navigating the journey of the titular character, let’s get to know about the specific locations of the Netflix series in detail!

Stockholm, Sweden

Most of the pivotal sequences for ‘Tore’ are taped in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden situated on the east coast of the nation. The production team travels across the city to various streets and neighborhoods to shoot important portions, exteriors as well as the interiors, against suitable backdrops. As far as the indoor scenes are concerned, they are most likely lensed inside actual establishments while a few of them are possibly recorded on a sound stage or two of one of the film studios in and around Stockholm.

When it comes to the shooting of outdoor sequences, it takes place on location utilizing the locales and terrains of the city. As a result, you are bound to notice several local attractions and places of interest in the backdrop of many scenes, including Stockholm City Hall, Kastellet, Kista Science Tower, Avicii Arena, Stockholm Palace AKA the Royal Palace, Djurgårdsbron, and the South Tower.

Offering a wide range of landscapes, including picturesque scenery, modern cityscapes, historical landmarks, and vast bodies of water, Stockholm has more than a few reasons that make it an ideal location for filmmakers from around the world. Thus, apart from ‘Tore,’ the capital city has hosted the production of multiple films and TV shows over the years, such as ‘The Square,’ ‘Fanny and Alexander,’ ‘The Wife,’ ‘The Virgin Spring,’ ‘The Restaurant,’ and ‘Young Royals.’

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