Where Was Perfect Match Season 2 Filmed?

The creation of Chris Coelen, Netflix’s ‘Perfect Match‘ is a dating show that pits together a group of attractive single Netflix alumni whose main aim is to find a compatible partner for themselves and form a couple. If a couple wins compatibility challenges, they earn a private date with each other and the right to introduce new singles in the villa by setting them up with themselves or other singles in the game. By the end of each day, the individual who fails to match with anybody ends their journey and leaves the villa.

As individuals continue leaving the competition, only once couple remains by the end, making the ultimate match. Since the seductive yet strategic dating competition takes place primarily in the luxurious villa where the attractive individuals stay, as well as other sites, including beaches and restaurants, questions about the actual filming locations are bound to be raised in the viewers’ minds.

Perfect Match Season 2 Shooting Locations

Filming for ‘Perfect Match’ season 2 took place in its entirety in Mexico, specifically in Tulum. It appears that the principal photography for the sophomore round of the Netflix show was carried out around the summer of 2023. Given the several exotic sites in Mexico, it serves as a suitable production location for reality shows like ‘Perfect Match,’ which involves individuals going on dates to different locations.

Tulum, Mexico

Almost all the scenes involving the cast members of ‘Perfect Match’ season 2 were lensed in and around Tulum, which is situated in the eponymous municipality in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. While the majority of the season was shot in one of the luxurious villas they stayed in, the attractive singles also went outdoors for dates and adventures with their potential romantic partners. For instance, several important scenes were taped in and around restaurants and cafes, including Charlie’s at Avenida Tulum 7 in Tulum Centro, Rivera’s Kitchen in Ciricote, Riviera, Café Amaro — The OG’s, and Mamazul Tulum Mezcaleria at Aldea Zama, And. Kambul entre Andador Kaan y Calle Ixchel.

The popular tourist destination Escultura Ven a la Luz is also featured in the second season of the dating show. Situated in Ahau Tulum, it is a 10-meter-tall sculpture that symbolizes the peace and harmony between humans and nature. The cast and crew members of ‘Perfect Match’ season 2 also set up camp inside the real-life Fred Flintstone gym — Tulum Jungle Gym. Located in Carretera Tulum-Boca Paila, Km. 7.5 in Tulum Beach, the gym consists of equipment made from stone, bamboo, and wood. Furthermore, the Mayan Clay Spa at Km 8.5 Bocapaila, Zona Costera in Solidaridad, served as a prominent filming site. Apart from them, a couple of beaches and a waterfall spot were also utilized to hold a few competitions and dates for the contestants.

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