Role Play: All Filming Locations of the Action Thriller

Kaley Cuoco and David Oyelowo star as a married couple — Emma and Dave — in ‘Role Play,’ an action thriller movie helmed by Thomas Vincent. Leading a seemingly picture-perfect life with her amazing husband and two kids, having a suburban house, and good jobs, Emma has another side to her, not known to her family — she is an assassin for hire. Even though things are great between Emma and Dave, they decide to introduce a bit more fun into their lives by role-playing. As part of their role-play, the two meet as strangers to rekindle their spark in a hotel bar but also end up attracting the attention of a mysterious older man who buys the couple some drinks.

Fast forward to a day later, the man is found dead while a murder investigation takes shape. As the couple’s role-play game turns into a case of mistaken identity, Emma disappears and Dave is interrogated by the authorities. Soon enough, the truth about Emma’s double life comes to the surface as Dave finds it difficult to believe. The fast-paced and suspenseful storyline is complemented by the constant change in the locations, over which many of you might be scratching your heads.

Where Was Role Play Filmed?

‘Role Play’ was filmed entirely in the Western European country of Germany. Shooting took place specifically in the city of Berlin and likely a few other areas in Deutschland. Principal photography of the action-packed drama film commenced in July 2022 and was carried out for a couple of months, before it was wrapped up in September of the same year. The production team utilized multiple locations to create a setting that serves as the background to the lives of Emma and Dave Brackett as they navigate the complexities in their relationship.

Berlin, Germany

Most of the pivotal sequences for ‘Role Play’ were lensed in and around the capital of Germany — Berlin. The filming unit reportedly utilized the facilities of the Babelsberg Film Studio AKA Studio Babelsberg at August-Bebel-Str. 26-53 in Potsdam, which is located right outside Berlin. Home to 21 different state-of-the-art sound stages, it is known to be one of Europe’s largest film studio complexes. In Studio Babelsberg, filmmakers have all kinds of amenities at their disposal, including flexible and spacious backlots, production facilities, and diverse locations in Berlin just a few steps away.

The city skyline, with the Fernsehturm standing out, has been featured in several establishing shots of the Kaley Cuoco starrer. Various streets and neighborhoods of Berlin were turned into film sets by the production team to accommodate the shooting of many important scenes. Thus, it is highly likely that you might come across certain landmarks and attractions in the backdrop, such as the Victory Column, Schloss Charlottenburg, the Brandenburg Gate, and the Potsdamer Platz.

In an interview, David Oyelowo, who essays the character of Dave Brackett, shared some behind-the-scenes tidbits in relation to the production process of the movie. In particular, the actor explained that filming a crucial sequence wherein Kaley’s character Emma Brackett fires at her husband, Dave, was a complicated but interesting affair. Sharing his experience breathing life into the tense scene, David said that such an extreme scene tests one’s ability and determination to perform and he is glad he got the chance to prove his mettle. Having said that, he also highlighted the fact that getting shot by Emma actually proves quite necessary as it sets the course for the events in the movie.

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