Sealed with a List: Shooting Locations and Cast Revealed

‘Sealed with a List,’ helmed by director Lucie Guest, is a Hallmark holiday romance about never giving up on your dreams. Carley is frustrated by her lack of action regarding her previous year’s New Year’s resolution. It is now the last month of the year, and she is determined to check every box on her list before the New Year. She enlists the help of an impassive co-worker, Wyatt, bringing some chaos and cheer into his orderly life. She quits her job, and with Wyatt’s support, looks to complete the rest of her goals, which seem like chores to him.

Her remaining tasks require her to, follow her dreams, say yes to adventure, make a new friend, read a book from start to finish, try her grandma’s recipe, take up running, and clean up the closet. Reluctant at first, Wyatt begins to enjoy the adventure Carley brings into his life, and as they walk, the streets light up with holiday cheer, and a heartwarming romance develops between them. Witnessing the romantic yuletide tale unfold in bright cozy environments, one may wonder where the Hallmark movie was filmed.

Sealed with a List Filming Locations

‘Sealed with a List’ was filmed in and around the cities of Langley and New Westminster, within the province of British Columbia. Writer Emily Ting rejoiced at the film’s release as she and co-writer Melynda Bissmeyer had worked on the story over ten years ago, and finally got an opportunity to bring their idea to life. Principal photography began in late September 2023 and was wrapped up in early October 2023. Let us look closer at the locations used for filming the Christmas-themed production.

Langley, British Columbia

The quaint urban sprawl of Langley became a backdrop for ‘Sealed with a List.’ Particularly, the New York-themed backlot, Martini Town, was used to lens a majority of the scenes. With gleaming lights and festive decorations, the production team successfully created a magical ambiance for the wish-fulfilling narrative. The city’s supportive film industry, versatile locations, and enchanting atmosphere have established it as an enticing choice for Hallmark’s filmmakers when it comes to creating captivating Christmas movies. As such, over the years we have seen holiday flicks like ‘Hope at Christmas,’ ‘Christmas Joy,’ ‘The Perfect Bride: Wedding Bells,’ ‘Once Upon a Holiday,’ and ‘Hitched for the Holidays’ lensed here.

New Westminster, British Columbia

The city in southwest British Columbia — New Westminster — became a backdrop for filming the exterior shots of ‘Sealed with a List.’ The film’s cast and crew were spotted on Columbia Street, lensing the protagonists walking down the street and conversing, as citizens went about their business. The filming area was covered in mats of fake snow, and adorned with a Christmas tree and large ornaments. Notably, businesses were open as usual, and we catch glimpses of a few of them, including, Lisa’s Bridal Salon, The Bridal Gallery, Tuxedos, and Elsanto. Moreover, the Queen’s Park and Tipperary Park also served as a couple of prominent filming sites.

New Westminster is the country’s oldest city on the western coast; as it preserves stunning historical streets and landmarks in its downtown region. Columbia Street is one such area, where one can find the New Westminster Trust building, the Federal Building, the Canadian Pacific Railway Station, and the Irving House. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that a number of prominent films and shows have been lensed here, including ‘Riverdale,’ ‘The Man in the High Castle,’ ‘Shooter,’ and the 1990’s ‘It.’

Sealed with a List Cast

Katie Findlay fills the shoes of Carley in ‘Sealed with a List.’ The actress first gained renown as Maggie Landers on the CW’s ‘The Carrie Diaries.’ She went on to star in the critically acclaimed series ‘Man Seeking Woman,’ as Rebecca Sutter, and essayed the role of Rebecca in ‘How to Get Away with Murder.’ Starring opposite her as Wyatt is actor Evan Roderick. Evan came into the limelight with his role as Officer Nick Anastas in ‘Arrow.’ He has since been a part of productions like ‘BH90210,’ ‘Spinning Out,’ and ‘A Tale of Two Christmases.’ Supporting cast members include Daylin Willis as Brad, Madonna Gonzalez as Kendra, Jai Braithwaite as Vincent, Jason Asuncion as Hank, and Sofia Hodsoni as Olivia.

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