Security: Which Mall Was 2017 Movie Filmed in?

The thriller ‘Security’ is an action epic revolving around a one-night attack on a remote mall as a group of mercenary thugs descends on the mall security guards. Helmed by Alain DesRochers, the film is told through the eyes of Eddie Deacon (Antonio Banderas), an ex-Marine looking to start his new job as a security guard at a mall. When a young girl, Jamie, who is embroiled in a federal investigation, seeks refuge at the mall where Eddie is about to start work, he and the group of security guards must come together to protect her from the psychopathic mercenary leader, Charlie (Ben Kingsley), who is hunting them down.

Set in a quiet, uneventful mall devoid of any people, the 2017 film never ventures far from its central location. As the story progresses, the mall’s interiors become haggard and morose as a battle of epic proportions breaks out to protect Jamie’s life from the advancing mercenaries who lay waste to everything. Like a three-act play that never changes its stage, the Ridgeside Mall in Security serves as a battlefield upon which its players fight for their cause. With striking environments spread across the film’s action scenes, it transports viewers into its intense fight sequences, leaving them to question where it was filmed.

Security Filming Locations

‘Security’ was predominantly filmed in Bulgaria, a country in the Balkans known for its diverse topography, which includes mountains, coastlines, and rivers. Bulgaria also has a rich heritage derived from neighboring nations that have influenced its arts, dance, music, and culture. Principal photography began in November 2015 and wrapped on January 22, 2016. For shooting, the production team utilized various locations around the country to create the fictional setting of the narrative, including the Ridgeside Mall environment where most of the story takes place.

Nu Boyana Film Studios, Bulgaria

While ‘Security’ features a few scenes in the outdoors, most of the film is concentrated in the interiors of the Ridgeside Mall where the real action takes place. However, no such mall actually exists on the map. To lens the thriller film, the cast and crew utilized the services provided by Nu Boyana Film Studios on 84 Kumata Street, 1616 in the neighborhood of Boyana in the Bulgarian capital city. Since the movie is financed by Millennium Media, an independent production and financing company that owns the studio complex, it makes sense why it was chosen as a primary filming site.

A variety of locations in the Balkan country were staged as filming locations for ‘Security.’ However, they make brief appearances within the film. A large section of the Antonio Banderas-starrer was lensed in the production facilities available at the Nu Boyana Film Studios, which has hosted a number of movies and television shows over the years. Several action thrillers like ‘The Expendables,’ ‘London Has Fallen,’ and ‘Rambo: Last Blood‘ were shot in the state-of-the-art production sites available on the 30 hectares of land devoted to Nu Boyana. There is a range of diverse and cinematic backdrops on offer inside the facility, which is labeled as one of the largest studios in Europe.

Established in 1962, Nu Boyana has many engineered environments already available for use at all times. It features 10 sound stages and other standing sets to form the backdrops for cities around the world. There are sets for New York, London, the Middle East, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and a big ancient set that has a Roman colosseum built as a part of it. With all the comforts and high-end filming locales available at short notice, the production team on ‘Security’ found it an ideal fit for their Ridgeside Mall battlefield.

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