Sexy Beast: Where is the TV Show Filmed?

Image Credit: Sanne Gault/Paramount+

Serving as the prequel to the eponymous 2000 movie by Jonathan Glazer, Paramount+’s ‘Sexy Beast’ is a British crime drama series that chronicles the early stages of the complicated relationship between two best friends and thieves, Gal Dove and Don Logan. When the pair gains notoriety in the criminal world of London in the 1990s, they are enlisted for a nearly impossible task by one of the most renowned and dangerous criminal bosses — Teddy Bass.

While the two thieves continue to make a name for themselves for the wrong reasons, Gal begins to be drawn by the charm of an adult film star named Deedee. However, it doesn’t prove to be favorable for them. Developed by Michael Caleo, the drama series consists of compelling performances from a group of talented actors, including James McArdle, Emun Elliott, Tamsin Greig, Sarah Greene, and Stephen Moyer. Since the story unfolds during the 1990s in London, the viewers find themselves back in time thanks to the visual accuracy of the sites, sparking questions about the authenticity of the locations.

Sexy Beast is Filmed Across Liverpool

‘Sexy Beast’ is primarily filmed in England, especially across Liverpool. According to reports, the production of the inaugural iteration of the crime series commenced in August 2022 and wrapped up after several months, in early 2023. Now, allow us to take you through all the specific sites that make an appearance in the Paramount+ production!

Liverpool, England

The city of Liverpool, situated in Merseyside, serves as the primary production location for ‘Sexy Beast’ as the filming unit transforms the city’s streets into East London streets of the 1990s. Various pivotal sequences for the show are lensed in The Depot while making the most of the film studio’s facilities. Situated at 1 Digital Way in Liverpool’s Fairfield area, The Depot consists of two purpose-built sound stages, each of 20,000 square feet, suitable for different kinds of productions.

Liverpool’s iconic Waterfront neighborhood is turned into a film set as various old cars, a red London bus, and other details are noticed by many onlookers, especially around Water Street. Moreover, numerous establishments across Liverpool are transformed into London sites, such as Jumbo Café at 96-98 Priory Road in Anfield becomes Copper Grill and Cross Keys at 13 Earle Street doubles The Golden Eagle. During the shooting schedule of season 1, the street sign on Bingley Road was turned into Strawberry Lane with “London Borough of Hackney” and “E1” written on it.

Castle Street in Liverpool City Centre also becomes an important filming venue for ‘Sexy Beast’ along with Rumford Street, Bixteth Street, Earle Street, and Edmund Street. The Church of Our Lady and Saint Nicholas in Old Churchyard and Tower Gardens are a couple of other production locations that feature in the backdrop of multiple scenes. During a conversation with Country and Town House, Sarah Greene, who portrays DeeDee Harrison, was asked if there were any standout moments during the filming of the show.

Sarah opened up, “So many… I’ll never get over the icy cold 40-foot days in the water. Also, the scene in the bedroom where the sisters are trying to drug and drown the prick – that was so much fun to shoot. I think that was the sisters’ first attempt as a foursome. Oh, and blowing up the cottage. That was so much fun. So thrilling to be part of something on that scale.”

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