Where to Stream Doctor Who 2023 Specials: Disney+ and VOD Options Explored

Doctor Who‘ Specials 2023 is a British science fiction TV series that celebrates the 60th anniversary of the show, with Russell T Davies serving as the showrunner. The plot revolves around a new set of adventures that the Doctor and his old friend, Donna, embark upon in the TARDIS. The fantasy series features impressive onscreen performances from a group of talented actors, including David Tennant, Catherine Tate, Neil Patrick Harris, Jacqueline King, Karl Collins, Bernard Cribbins, Jemma Redgrave, and newcomer Yasmin Finney. Given the fast-paced narrative full of twists and turns, fans of the long-running show must be excited to learn more about the Special season!

What is Doctor Who 2023 Specials About?

The trilogy of television specials of sci-fi drama’s 60th-anniversary commemoration is titled as follows: ‘The Star Beast,’ ‘Wild Blue Yonder’ and ‘The Giggle.’ The installments mark the comeback of the Fourteenth Doctor (the prolific David Tennant) and Donna (Catherine Tate). In ‘The Star Beast,’ the Doctor explains to Shirley Anne Bingham that he had to delete memories of Donna’s past, including their time together, to stop her from dying when she took the time of the Time Lord inside her mind. He highlights that no matter what happens, Donna, who has a beautiful daughter now, must not recognize him.

He maps out a plan, and soon, a spaceship makes an emergency landing in the cosmopolitan city of London, near the Doctor’s old pal, Donna Noble. It also features her meeting with the Meep. Following the crash, the Doctor finds himself in the middle of a deadly battle and goes awry with each passing minute. ‘Wild Blue Yonder’ revolves around the Doctor and Donna’s struggle to escape the chaos and restore peace in the universe. With the help of the TARDIS, they embark upon an adventure that is riddled with perilous twists and turns at every corner, but the duo must do  everything in their power to ensure the safety of themselves and the world.

The narrative of the third episode of the anniversary special, titled ‘The Giggle,’ sees the return of the Toymaker, a treacherous but powerful adversary of the Doctor, since his appearance in the episode titled ‘The Celestial Toymaker.’ It focuses upon the deadly fight the Doctor engages in to beat the Toymaker, who has unleashed his wrath on the world in the form of a mysterious puppet that is making the humans lose their minds.

Is Doctor Who 2023 Specials on Netflix?

Despite its expansive collection of movies and TV shows, Netflix doesn’t house ‘Doctor Who’ 2023 Specials on its platform. But the streaming giant offers some excellent alternatives to its subscribers, such as ‘The OA‘ and ‘The Umbrella Academy.’

Is Doctor Who 2023 Specials on HBO Max?

Unfortunately, HBO Max does not include ‘Doctor Who’ 2023 Specials in its extensive catalog of content. However, you can check out the previous seasons on the streamer, by heading over here. Other than that, it also gives you access to similar shows like ‘Fringe.’

Is Doctor Who 2023 Specials on Hulu?

No, Hulu does not include ‘Doctor Who’ 2023 Specials in its library. However, don’t let it disappoint you too much as the streamer consists of plenty of similar shows that you can enjoy watching instead, including ‘Primeval‘ and ‘Utopia Falls.’

Is Doctor Who 2023 Specials on Amazon Prime?

Even though ‘Doctor Who’ 2023 Specials is not available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video, you can still make the most of your subscription to watch other alternatives on the streaming giant. You are likely to enjoy watching ‘The Expanse‘ and ‘The Gryphon.’

Is Doctor Who 2023 Specials on Disney+?

‘Doctor Who’ 2023 Specials is exclusively released for streaming on Disney+. You can catch all the episodes right here!

Where to Watch Doctor Who 2023 Specials Online?

Apart from Disney+, ‘Doctor Who’ 2023 Specials is not available for streaming or purchasing on any other online platform. Thus, we suggest you subscribe to the platform in order to get access to the series instantly.

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