Such Brave Girls: All Filming Locations of BBC’s New-Age Sitcom

‘Such Brave Girls’ created and written by Kat Sadler. is a dark-humored sitcom that introduces us to the dysfunctional household of Josie, a young girl struggling with crippling emotional and psychological issues. Her sister, although overconfident, is equally insecure and anxious. Their mother is busy trying to keep their household afloat financially, hoping to get hitched to a responsible man while paying little attention to her daughters’ breakdowns. The family is in such dire straits largely because of Josie’s father abandoning them ten years ago.

Living in a peaceful English town, the sisters’ lives are anything but. They become hopelessly infatuated, have to come to terms with their mother’s possible remarriage, and face loss; highlighting the newer generation’s views on the world and their toils in dealing with it. The BBC Three show takes us through the quaint countryside, beaches, picturesque towns, and neon bars, prompting the question – where was ‘Such Brave Girls’ filmed?

Such Brave Girls Filming Locations

‘Such Brave Girls,’ was largely filmed in and around the non-metropolitan counties of Merseyside and West Sussex in England. The cast and crew were excited to be a part of the production and participated heartily in over two weeks of filming. Principal photography was carried out between May 2023 and June 22, 2023. Before the show was approved, the pilot episode was shot in August 2021. Allow us to take you through the specific sites and filming locations used in the new-age comedy series.

Merseyside, United Kingdom

Filming of the BBC show was carried out largely in the ceremonial county of Merseyside in northwest England. The region’s vibrant cities, like Liverpool and Wirral, showcase a mix of modern architecture and iconic historical sites, providing filmmakers with an array of settings for storytelling. In the case of ‘Such Brave Girls,’ the Wirral and Knowsley are chosen as the primary filming destinations to lens scenes in urban, as well as countryside landscapes.

The metropolitan borough of Wirral is a part of the Wirral peninsula, which is a roughly rectangular landmass jutting out into the Irish Sea, and connected to Liverpool by the Kingsway and Queens Way tunnel. Filming here takes place across multiple venues located in the towns of Thingwall, Heswall, and West Kirby. The old Pensby High School for boys in Heswall appears in the production. The institution is now co-educational and is on Irby Road in Pensby. The Wild Inn bar, on 38 Banks Road, in West Kirby, is also featured in the show. The protagonists frequent the bar, and it is where Josie sees and develops a crush on Sid, the bar​tendress who works there. The commercial district on Banks Road saw filming taking place along it, with various shops and buildings on it seen in the background.

West Sussex, the United Kingdom

Crawley, the largest town in West Sussex, was the destination chosen by a cast of three, and a crew of 20, as they made their way to set the scene for their pilot episode. The town boasts architecture dating back to the 1960s including factories and residential areas. A private home was used to lens interior scenes, and Crawley commercial districts, roads, and streets became the backdrop for the rest of the episode.

A selfie taken by the characters next to a stationary car was shot on the A23 Brighton Road between Crawley Town Stadium roundabout and Pease Pottage services roundabout. Scenes of conversations in a van were filmed with the actors driving along the Queensway. Commercial areas in the episode were portrayed by The Martletts, Crawley’s pedestrianized shopping area, the County Mall Shopping Centre, and Apricot clothing shop.

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