The Claremont Murders: Where is the Crime Show Shot?

‘The Claremont Murders’ is a biographical crime drama series that focuses on the mysterious disappearance of three young women, leading the police to begin an extensive investigation into the case. With no concrete evidence at hand, the authorities find no leads for years, turning the case cold and stagnant, and one of the biggest unsolved murder cases in West Australian history. After more than two decades, the advancement in technology helps the detectives to find the DNA of the killer on a scrap of the fingernail of one of his victims.

As 25 years of determined investigation finally leads to the arrest of the perpetrator, justice is served. The compelling performances from Ryan Johnson, Catherine Van-Davies, Aaron Glenane, Laura Gordon, Andrea Demetriades, and Craig Hall, coupled with the interesting visuals portraying the eeriness of Claremont keep the viewers hooked and interested in learning all about the actual filming locations of ‘The Claremont Murders.’

The Claremont Murders is Filmed in Australia

‘The Claremont Murders’ is filmed in its entirety in Australia, especially in the Perth metropolitan area. As per reports, principal photography for the inaugural iteration of the biographical series got underway in August 2022 and continued for a month or so, before getting wrapped up in September of the same year.

Perth Metropolitan Area, Australia

Almost all the pivotal sequences for ‘The Claremont Murders’ are lensed in the Perth metropolitan area, an administrative area centered around the eponymous city and its nearby areas. The production team reportedly sets up camp in the capital of Western Australia — Perth — and makes the most of its sprawling streets and neighborhoods to shoot several important scenes against suitable backdrops. Furthermore, numerous portions were also recorded in the port city of Fremantle, which is situated at the mouth of the Swan River.

In particular, the cast and crew members of ‘The Claremont Murders’ were spotted by various onlookers and passersby lensing a few exterior portions in and around the South Fremantle Dog Beach on Marine Terrace in the Perth suburb of South Fremantle. During a conversation with Comet Bay College, Miss Thompson, who portrays a Detective with the Western Australian Police, talked about her experience featuring in the true crime series. She said, “As not much is filmed in Perth, this was a rare opportunity. I was only involved with the shoot for one day, filming two scenes in Fremantle.”

Miss Thompson further elaborated, “I loved watching all the behind-the-scenes work. When I got there, I went straight into hair and makeup and costume. Then it was lunch, so they provided food for us before I was on set. I sat with a lot of the extras and some of the main cast. Jeremy Lindsay Taylor was really nice to work with, so humble and pleasant.” Kate Ritchie, who plays the role of Carol Spiers, also had quite a few words to say about filming the crime series. She explained how getting to know the families of the real victims while shooting the show had helped her personally.

In an interview with The West Australian, Ritchie explained, “Working on this project, working in Perth, being on set, surrounding myself with good people has undoubtedly reignited something in me. Something that might be hard to quieten even if I wanted to. The opportunity to work on The Claremont Murders and watch it all come together ready for air has reminded me of many things. Most importantly of a passion that started long ago.”

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