The Single Moms Club: Where Was Tyler Perry’s Film Shot?

With Tyler Perry donning the director’s hat, ‘The Single Moms Club’ is a 2014 comedy-drama movie that acquaints us with five struggling single mothers — Hillary, Jan, May, Esperanza, and Lytia — who organize the school’s upcoming fundraiser and dance after their respective children get into some trouble at the school. While they have their differences, as each comes from different walks of life, what brings the single moms together is the love for their children and a need for support and an understanding ear.

In order to help one another reclaim their freedom, the five women form the Single Moms Club and make life much easier and burden-free for themselves. Featuring impressive performances from Nia Long, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Zulay Henao, Cocoa Brown, Amy Smart, and Terry Crews, the story progresses in a wide range of places, including the five mothers’ residences and workplaces, and their children’s private school, keeping viewers guessing about the actual filming locations.

The Single Moms Club Was Filmed in Georgia

‘The Single Moms Club’ was filmed in Georgia, particularly in the Atlanta metropolitan area. Reports suggest that the production of the Nia Long starrer got underway in the last week of November 2012 and continued through the next few weeks, before getting wrapped up seemingly in either December of the same year or early 2013. Now, let us follow the single mothers as they traverse the streets of the city, and get a detailed account of all the specific sites that appear in the movie!

Atlanta Metropolitan Area, Georgia

The shooting of all the pivotal sequences for ‘The Single Moms Club’ took place in the Atlanta metropolitan area AKA Metro Atlanta, which lies across the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains to the north and the Piedmont to the south. The region’s cultural, demographic, and economic center — the city of Atlanta — served as one of the primary production locations. Apart from making the most of Atlanta’s diverse locales, the production team also set up camp in the city of Decatur.

For instance, the filming unit took over the Waffle House restaurant at 2850 East College Avenue in Decatur and taped several important scenes. In the first week of December 2012, Agnes Scott College was turned into a film set, with the cast and crew members shooting a few portions on campus. Specifically, the Presser Hall was used by them to lens some sequences with the students walking past wardrobe racks and equipment carts as they made their way to classes.

A couple of other Decatur locations became the filming destinations for ‘The Single Moms Club,’ including the Fidelity Bank building and the Allen Wilson Apartments, situated at 1450 Commerce Drive. Furthermore, the city of Avondale Estates, located within Georgia’s DeKalb County, served as a key filming site for the comedy movie. The director and the rest of his team set up camp in and around a house at 70 Lakeshore Drive, right by the Lake Avondale. During a conversation with CineMovie, the filmmaker, Tyler Perry, was asked about his experience working with the kids on set. He said that he had immense help with casting with the kids, especially Nia Long.

Tyler elaborated further, “When she said ‘what do you think of my son playing this role,’ I was like ‘Oh God do I have to deal with some spoiled brat who probably can’t even act.’ They then sent me an audition on video and it was really good, and then when I met the kid, he was just so brilliant and wonderful and warm and well-behaved. All of the kids were great. Every day, they went to school on set. They were having prayer and I was just really impressed with all of them. I’m not a big kid person but these kids were really great and they were even better because, at the end of the day, I gave them back to their moms to go home.”

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