Where To Stream Demonic?

‘Demonic’ marks the return of ‘District 9’-fame Neill Blomkamp’s return to the director’s chair after a lengthy hiatus. It tells the story of Carly, a young woman who tries an experimental method to find out what happened to her mother after she committed mass murder years ago. In the process, Carly unleashes dangerous demonic entities.

The film has received negative reviews from critics, but the exciting blend of horror and sci-fi should entice the viewers. If you are planning to watch this movie, its streaming details should come in handy. Here’s where you can watch ‘Demonic’ online.

What is Demonic About?

‘Demonic’ follows Carly, a young woman who has been traumatized by her mother’s actions some twenty years ago. Her mother, Angela, experienced a psychotic break and killed a number of innocent people before disappearing. Years later, Carly learns that her mother is in a coma. Therapol, a shady medical company, offers to send Carly’s digital avatar into her mother’s mind in hopes of finding what has happened to Angela. Inside Angela’s mind, Carly learns that a demonic being has possessed her mother. Carly inadvertently brings the demon into the real world, and chaos ensues.

Is Demonic on Netflix?

Netflix has a diverse entertainment library filled with exciting original and acquired titles. Therefore, even though ‘Demonic’ isn’t available on Netflix, there’s plenty of other options to choose from. Horror fans can check out ‘Case 39‘ about a social worker who brings home a young girl to rescue her from her abusive parents only to find out that she is possessed by a demon.

Is Demonic on Amazon Prime?

‘Demonic’ is not a part of the titles included in your basic Amazon Prime subscription. Still, you can stream it on-demand on the service. To rent the movie on-demand, head here. Alternatively, you can stream ‘Know Fear, ‘ which tells the story of a family who is forced to fight demons after a ritual goes wrong.

Is Demonic on Hulu?

‘Demonic’ hasn’t been added to Hulu’s entertainment catalog. If you wish to watch something similar on the service, we recommend ‘Pure,’ about a group of girls who perform a secret ritual that leads to the presence of a demon in their life.

Is Demonic on HBO Max?

‘Demonic’ isn’t streaming on HBO Max just yet. Folks interested in watching something scary can stream ‘The Quiet Ones,’ which follows a group of students and a college professor who perform a scientific experiment that invites a dangerous paranormal entity.

Where to Watch Demonic Online?

‘Demonic’ has been released in theaters. If you wish to experience it at a theater, you can check show timings and book tickets here. The movie can be rented on popular VOD platforms such as Vudu, Google Play, Spectrum, DirecTV, YouTube, Xfinity, and Apple TV.

How to Stream Demonic For Free?

Currently, ‘Demonic’ is only playing in theatres and streaming online on-demand. Hence, there is no way to watch the movie for free as of now. We believe in consuming all entertainment content legally by paying for it and encourage our readers to do the same.

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