Where to Stream The High Note?

Comedy and music often go hand in hand. The genre is popular among the audience due to its innately feel-good nature. However, the world of music comes with the tensions of its own, and that’s what ‘The High Note’ focuses on. The comedy-drama stars Dakota Johnson and Tracee Ellis Ross in the lead roles, and is centered around a singer and her assistant. The film was set to release theatrically on May 8, 2020, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the filmmakers opted for another medium to release the film. If you want to know where you can stream it, here are the places.

What is The High Note About?

‘The High Note’ follows the story of Maggie Sherwoode, the personal assistant of Grace Davis, a famous singer. Maggie wants to become a music producer, but tending to her boss takes up all her time, and instead of taking strides in the direction that she wants, she is caught up fetching coffee and arranging daily schedules for Grace. Finally, an opportunity presents itself, but it comes with a price. Maggie finds herself at a crossroads as a difficult decision needs to be made.

Is The High Note on Netflix?

Netflix houses one of the biggest collections of movies and TV shows. Over the years, the streaming service has expanded the slate of its original titles, while getting other popular films and TV shows in its library for a limited time. Because ‘The High Note’ is not a Netflix Original, it is not yet available to stream there. You stream other comedy-dramas like ‘Set It Up’, ‘Isn’t It Romantic’, and ‘Love, Wedding, Repeat’, among others.

Is The High Note on Hulu?

Hulu is a premier provider of quality content and has released some of the best TV shows of recent times as a part of its Originals slate. ‘The High Note’ does not fall in that category, and is not yet available to stream here. In the meanwhile, you can stream movies like ‘The Beach Bum’, ‘Blinded by the Light’, and ‘Booksmart’, among others.

Is The High Note on Amazon Prime Video?

After becoming the biggest name in online shopping, Amazon jumped into the entertainment business and has been creating a lot of movies and TV shows under its banner. ‘The High Note’ is not one of them, and is not yet available on its Prime service. However, you can rent the movie on Amazon for $19.99.

Where Can I Stream The High Note Online?

‘The High Note’ was released through VOD on May 29, 2020. It is available at home one demand at The Focus Features website. You can also rent the movie on other online platforms like Apple TV, Vudu, Google Play, Fandango.

Can I Watch The High Note For Free?

As of now, there is no legitimate service that provides the film for free. We encourage you to not go for the pirated versions. You can use any of the above mentioned platforms to get the film by paying for it, or wait for it to become available for streaming on the platforms that you are already subscribed to.

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