Where to Stream War of the Worlds?

Loosely based on H.G. Well’s 1897 novel, ‘War of the Worlds’ is a science fiction series that revolves around the struggle of humanity against an enemy that poses an existential threat. Featuring stand-out performances by Gabriel Byrne, Elizabeth McGovern, and Léa Drucker, the riveting story of the science fiction show can captivate anyone. In case you wish to learn more about the show’s premise or where it can be streamed, we have got you covered.

What is War of the Worlds About?

Catherine Durand, an astronomer, looking to contact intelligent life, detects a strong transmission from a dwarf planet suspected of harboring intelligent life. The entire scientific community is elated by the discovery and waits eagerly for further contact. The extraterrestrial species soon gives conclusive evidence of its existence but in ways that neither the scientific community expected nor could have imagined. Meteor showers begin to descend on the most densely populated regions of the planets, and within a few days, most people are dead.

The few survivors slowly come out in the open to confront the grim reality. They learn that the entire human species faces a deadly existential crisis as the aliens are hell-bent on killing every one of them. It marks the beginning of an epic confrontation between the weak and devastated human species and mysterious aliens. But what are the motivations of these extraterrestrial beings? Is human extinction the only goal, or are they trying to achieve something else? To find out, you must watch ‘War of the Worlds’ and here’s how you can do that.

Is War of the Worlds of Netflix?

‘War of the Worlds’ is not part of Netflix’s otherwise impressive catalog of television shows and movies. However, we recommend our readers watch ‘Lost in Space‘ or ‘Another Life.

Is War of the Worlds on Hulu?

Hulu subscribers will have to check other platforms as ‘War of the Worlds’ is currently not accessible on the platform. Viewers looking for something similar can alternatively stream ‘Stargate SG-1,’ ‘Star Trek: Voyager,’ or ‘Stargate Universe.

Is War of the Worlds on Amazon Prime?

You can head here to watch ‘War of the Worlds’ on Amazon Prime if you are subscribed to Epix on the platform.

Where to Watch War of the Worlds Online?

‘War of the Worlds’ is available on live T.V. streaming platforms such as YouTubeTV, SlingTV, Philo, DirecTV, and Spectrum. You can also stream the science-fiction show on AppleTV and the official website of Epix.

How to Stream War of the Worlds for Free?

Epix, DirecTV, and AppleTV offer a seven-day free trial, while YouTubeTV comes with a fourteen-day free trial. You can stream the show free of cost on these platforms during the trial period. However, we encourage our readers to watch their favorite shows and movies online only after paying for them.

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