Where to Watch The Other Zoey Online? VOD and Amazon Prime Options Explored

Image Credit: Kent Smith/Prime

The romantic comedy film ‘The Other Zoey’ follows a bright college girl, Zoey, who is stuck between her need to help out a popular soccer team captain, Zach, with his amnesia and her growing feelings for his cousin, Miles. In this film, directed by Sara Zandieh, the titular character has a tough love-related choice to make for someone who never wants to look beyond her work. It stars Josephine Langford in the lead role, with Drew Starkey and Archie Renaux assuming the role of her love interests. The hilarity of the situation surely makes for an interesting watch and might have made you a lot more curious by now to know more about it.

What is The Other Zoey About?

As a dedicated student, romance isn’t on Zoey’s agenda till she finds herself in a strange situation of mistaken identity. Zach suffers an accident in front of her and assumes she is his girlfriend, who is also called Zoey. She doesn’t want to take advantage of the situation but decides to help Zach get his memories back by playing along. But when Zach introduces her to his family, things get a lot more complicated for Zoey since she’s now in the presence of his attractive and smart cousin Miles and doesn’t understand what the best course of action is in this situation.

Is The Other Zoey on Netflix?

‘The Other Zoey’ is sadly not available for streaming on Netflix. Still, you can make use of the streaming giant’s generous services by opting for similar rom-com films with love triangles, like the interactive film ‘Choose Love’ and another similar title with an equally hard choice, ‘Alex Strangelove.’

Is The Other Zoey on Hulu?

Hulu’s subscribers might be disappointed to know that ‘The Other Zoey’ is not available on the platform. However, that shouldn’t stop you from streaming similar titles, especially films like ‘Crush’ about a girl falling for two people who are related, just like ‘The Other Zoey’ but with a refreshing queer take. Another classic with a similar storyline on Hulu is ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ which you can watch instead.

Is The Other Zoey on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime subscribers can have a little hope as ‘The Other Zoey’ has already been released on the platform in the UK and some other countries. For those in the US, the film was slated to release for streaming on November 10, 2023, but is experiencing some unexpected delay. Still, ‘The Other Zoey’ should be available for streaming very soon.

Is The Other Zoey on HBO Max?

No, ‘The Other Zoey’ is not available for streaming on HBO Max. However, the streaming giant houses a vast collection of titles very similar to this one. You can make use of your subscription to alternatively watch similar movies like ‘Date Night’ and ‘Heartburn.’

Where to Watch The Other Zoey Online?

‘The Other Zoey’ will soon be available for free streaming at Amazon Prime Video, as mentioned above. The platform also offers a 30-day free trial that can be availed for all those who aren’t subscribers yet. However, till then, you can purchase or rent the film on VOD platforms like Apple TV+, Amazon Video, Google Play Movies, YouTube, Vudu and Spectrum.

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