Where Was 127 Hours Filmed?

‘127 Hours’ is widely regarded as one of the best survival movies of all time. Directed by veteran director Danny Boyle, the scintillating drama offers the audiences a look into the true story of canyoneer Aron Ralston, who got trapped under a boulder inside a slot canyon. The biographical movie has received many accolades for its cinematic brilliance and has been praised for its realism.

The film has a claustrophobic vibe despite the visually breathtaking setting of the narrative. Therefore, it is natural for fans to wonder about the locations featured in the movie. If you are looking for more details regarding the same, we’ve got you covered! Here’s everything you need to know about the filming sites of ‘127 Hours.’

127 Hours Filming Locations

Principal photography on ‘127 Hours’ began in March 2010 and was likely wrapped up by June of the same year. The movie was extensively filmed on location in parts of Utah, including the capital of the state, Salt Lake City. Let’s take a closer look at the specific filming destinations.

Bluejohn Canyon, Utah

Bluejohn Canyon is a slot canyon in Utah and the primary filming location of the movie. Aron Ralston was stuck in the Bluejohn Canyon, and the film’s crew shot the movie in the actual spot where he experienced his ordeal. The film’s cast and crew filmed at the location for almost a week.


Contrary to popular belief, the red rock-covered Bluejohn Canyon is not located within the Canyonlands National Park. Instead, the long slot canyon lies a few miles north-northeast from the famous outlaw hideout Robbers Roost Flats, on the BLM land located southwest of the Horseshoe Canyon Unit. The main fork of the canyon is a tributary of Horseshoe Canyon (formerly known as Barrier Canyon), a part of which lies in Canyonlands National Park.

Midway, Utah

The cast and crew also visited Midway, a city in Wasatch County, to film some important sequences. The scenes featuring Ralston and two girls swimming in a pond near the canyons were filmed at Homestead Resort’s (located at 700 Homestead Drive) The Crater, a geothermal spring inside a 55 feet tall limestone rock. The Crater has been turned into a one-of-a-kind experience with various activities for visitors such as swimming, scuba diving, rappelling, etc.

Sugar House, Salt Lake City

Since it was risky and impractical to film scenes of actor James Franco (who plays the part of Ralston) stuck inside the actual slot canyon, a replica of the floor of the Bluejohn Canyon was built. This set was constructed at an old Granite Furniture warehouse located at 1050 East 2100 South in the Sugar House district. The crew faced some difficulties filming on the set because it wasn’t flexible and was a little inconvenient to access.

Leprechaun Canyon, Utah

Some scenes of the movie were reportedly filmed at Leprechaun Canyon near Sandthrax Campsite, north of Utah State Route 95. The canyon is a popular tourist destination that offers a challenging canyoneering experience to visitors.

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