Where Was 30 Minutes or Less Filmed?

’30 Minutes or Less’ is a 2011 action-comedy that follows a pizza delivery boy Nick (Jesse Eisenberg) who gets abducted by two men (Danny McBride and Nick Swardson). Following the kidnapping, Nick is threatened with a bomb attached to his chest and is forced into robbing a bank. With less than nine hours in his hands, he takes help from his friend Chet (Aziz Ansari) as they both set the stage for a series of chaotic developments that are entertaining and insanely humorous. The movie is centered around locations that follow Nick’s life, including his house and school. But where was it filmed? Let’s find out.

30 Minutes or Less Filming Locations

Directed by Ruben Fleischer, ’30 Minutes or Less’ started production in July 2010 and wrapped it up in September 2010. It was extensively filmed in the state of Michigan. Let us dive into specific filming details.

Grand Rapids, Michigan

The opening scene that introduces Nick as a pizza delivery boy was filmed at 3674 Northwest Dublin Street. He works at a pizza place called Vito’s Pizza, situated at 658 West Fulton Street. His house is located at the corner of College Avenue and Wealthy Street. Nick’s school is featured during the scene where he confides in Chet about the torrid situation he has been pulled under. The scene was filmed in Brookside School, 2505 Southeast Madison Avenue.

During his trip to the bank Nick is assigned to rob, he changes course and visits Kate (Dilshad Vadsaria) in a store located at 648 Northwest Monroe Avenue. Nick and Chet gear themselves up for the heist and visit another store to gather supplies. The scene was filmed in Family Dollar, 730 28th Street, Wyoming. The duo then reaches the location of the bank, situated at 124 South James Street, Ludington.

After successfully holding up the cash, Dwayne (McBride) proposes to meet Nick in a desolate rail yard located in 2001 Turner Avenue to acquire the money. The jaw-dropping car wreck scene was filmed at the intersection of Commerce Avenue and Division Avenue. The shoot came through as the most complicated task for the production. South Division was closed for 12 hours bordering Wealthy and Fulton Streets.

The special events coordinator of the city, Todd Tofferi, stated that a total of 250 people contributed to the movie downtown. A couple of police officers and the fire department was also assigned to keep watch. Other filming locations include Front Avenue, Plainfield Avenue, Hall Street, Morris Avenue (the scene where Nick and Chet sneak out a Datsun), Chicago Drive in Wyoming, and DJ’s Cocktail Lounge on 28th Street.

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