Where Was 365 Dni Filmed?

Call it permissive or trashy, the erotic thriller genre comes with its own merits. It creates a delicious cocktail of crime, seduction, and romance that perfectly fulfills all your guilty pleasures. There was a time when the erotic thriller genre was completely dying out, but Hollywood’s take on E. L. James’ ‘50 Shades’ series gave it new life. The subsequent film adaptations of the 50 shades novels have seemingly inspired many other filmmakers to pick on other erotic literary works. Among these, ‘365 Days‘ happens to another widely popular adaptation. Despite being critically thrashed for its extremely graphic sex scenes, the film has gained somewhat of a cult status among those who are familiar with its source. And considering its popularity, it might even become a full-fledged franchise like ’50 Shades’ in the future.

‘365 Days’ revolves around two characters—Massimo, the leader of a deadly mafia gang; Laura, an ordinary sales head who is isn’t too happy with her life. Their paths collide when Massimo sets his eyes on her at a beach one day and instantly falls in love. Being the archetypal “bad boy” that he is, he abducts Laura and gives her 365 days to fall in love with him. Although reluctant at first, Laura later falls for him but little does she realize that falling for a mafia will be far more complicated than she had initially anticipated. Apart from the sizzling romantic tale that the movie depicts, it also features some spectacular locations in its backdrop. And as viewers, I’m sure many would already be wondering where its filming took place. Well, here’s list of the locations where it was shot.

Where Was 365 Days Filmed?

Starring Michele Morrone, Anna Maria Sieklucka, Bronislaw Wroclawski, and other well-known names of the Polish film industry, ‘365 Days’ is an adaptation of novel series of the same name written by Blanka Lipinska. Apart from being an extremely titillating erotic thriller, ‘365’ Days also walks you through several exotic sea-side locations. Speaking of its locations, many would be able to recall that the film’s primary action takes place in Sicily, where Laura meets Massimo for the first time. However, the film was primarily filmed in two different locations in Poland and only partially filmed in Italy.

Warsaw, Poland

The filming of ‘365 Days’ predominantly took place in two major locations of Poland—Warsaw, Mazowieckie and Niepolomice, Malopolskie. One credible source that confirms this news is the film’s official IMDB page. Apart from that, although not too many details regarding its filming have been revealed, several videos and stills from the sets of the film have been uploaded on social media.

Here’s a whole set of videos that reveal several details regarding the movie’s shooting and even walk you through some of its major filming locations:


The video below features the Seataly Yacht, which is docked at the San Remo Port of Italy. So it is possible that San Remo Port was also one of the filming locations of the movie.


Here’s another behind-the-scenes video from the sets of the film:


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