Where Was A Very Country Christmas Filmed?

There is something so inherently comforting about Christmas movies. Even though the stories are a bit more melodramatic, and usually predictable, we feel as though the holiday season is incomplete without binging them. It’s quite simple – you put on a good flick and forget all your troubles for the next couple of hours. Not only are you transported into a fictional world where everything will eventually work out, but you are also left feeling more relaxed and relatively stress-free when it ends.

One such movie that we can watch on repeat is ‘A Very Country Christmas.’ It revolves around Jeanette Williams, a single mother, who has a chance encounter with Zane Gunther, a country music star who has come back to the small town to escape the paparazzi and catch his breath. Eventually, and as expected, love blossoms between the two. The heartwarming film stars Greyston Holt, Bea Santos, Greg Vaughan, Deana Carter, and Michelle Morgan. If you wish to learn where it was shot, then you’re in the right place.

A Very Country Christmas Filming Locations

A Very Country Christmas’ was actually filmed in Ontario, Canada. In an interview, Holt (himself a Canadian) stated that in order to be eligible for tax credits, most productions needed to hire a set amount of locals. He even added that this was a great way to get some acting experience as well. Without further ado, let’s look at where and how the movie was filmed.


The two main regions in which filming took place are Barrie and Alliston. Holt also stated that filming took place in Barrie during February of 2017. (In contrast, most Christmas productions are usually shot in the summertime). In fact, the city even has a beautiful waterfront, which is a major attraction. Given the scenic beauty of Barrie, it definitely makes for an apt filming location.

Image Credit: Deana Carter, Instagram

Then, there’s Alliston, a settlement in Simcoe County. The Circle Theatre, situated on 19 Victoria St E, makes an appearance in the film. Apart from this, in an Instagram post, Carter mentioned that the Alliston Memorial Arena was also used for filming purposes. It is located at 49 Nelson St W.

In the past few decades, Ontario has continually become a go-to spot filming destination for many filmmakers. Firstly, the government offers some rather lucrative tax incentives. Then there’s the fact that it can stand in for a plethora of American cities. Naturally, it is not surprising that the cast and crew members of ‘A Very Country Christmas’ headed here.

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